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  1. ASUS made an adapter for using Pentium M in P4 mainboards.
  2. You can run Einstein,a Newton emulator.
  3. Has someone here fitted a 7455 MDD module into the G4 Digital Audio?
  4. http://sourceforge.net/projects/decompiler/ written with .NET and is not complete yet.
  5. I guess its because of chips manufactured in a smaller die size on the 6400/6500 that need less power.
  6. This is just a disguised 486 router + wlan card development was a bit rushed.
  7. 1.Nintendo did the same mistake on the Gamecube and Wii,only 256 kb cache. 2. A CPU upgrade manufacturer found out that there is only a minimal speed gain if they use a DDR RAM cache on a G4.
  8. Hey imac 600, its possible to use most old PC video cards in all G3/G4/G5 after flashing with a OF rom.
  9. Congatulations you can now run A/UX ! (if you can cure your patient)
  10. Are the 700's overclockable to 800 mhz?
  11. Apple called the board also "Tanzania" and it was used in clones but these have PS/2 ports while the 4400 used ADB. The 4400 is not that bad as a 5200/6200 from my view. It is a really cheap machine to test the logic boards and and make a alternative to a cheap PC.
  12. I liked the old IBM PS/2 keyboards with magnetic plastic. I own a Apple Pro keyboard and the older bondi blue one and a design keyboard. I had a broken looking 1640,that keyboard was really different.
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