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  1. This is even more epic than my Daystar Unicorn. Glad it still fires up!
  2. Amazing find! The 9600 tower is my favorite of the Apple designs, and you got a well configured example in what looks to be amazing shape!
  3. Try this if you can: Have one monitor on the onboard graphics, and another on the PCI graphics card. I ran into many graphics related troubleshooting headaches working on a few G3s and 8600/9600 towers last year. In the end, it took zapping PRAM, a fresh battery, and 68kmla positive mojo. If you look through my posts you will find the threads about them.
  4. I also got one of those 800MHz G4 ZIFs from the UK recently. The problem with using faster CPUs was the voltage regulator module (VRM). The Raytheon VRMs are good to go. The other brand will be hit or miss. the ZIF CPUs from the G4s will work fine even though they were designed for a faster bus. Basically it will be working LESS hard in the G3MT. There is a guide on jumper block settings for desired speeds so you can get the G4 back to its 400MHz clock rate.
  5. Very cool find! I was also not aware of that community.
  6. This stuff is crazy interesting to a guy who is intimidated by soldering and board level repair and upgrades. And it is so very cool to have people with this knowledge and talent in our community!
  7. I did, but that seemed mostly to discuss the difficulties of OEM processors versus aftermarket upgrade and whether those were made compatible between my two generations. ETA: It seems like an upgrade was made to work with a Sawtooth that was originally for a QS but had to do some software tweaks.
  8. So back in the day when I got my collection of college macs, I got several 733MHz Quicksilvers and several 400MHz gigabit models. The GBs all had Gigadesigns 800MHz upgrades with 2MB cache. Now I am going from memory but I recall swapping the upgrade CPU from a working GB to a working QS but could not get it to boot. No chime, nothing (that I recall). Now my question is, if I try to put another of these in my remaining maxed out 733MHz QS, should it in theory just be a case of reset PRAM/NVRAM regimen or is there something else I do not know about the upgrades? Thanks! (I am slo
  9. One of two in my possession. The other one however will not start. Press the power button and I get a click and then nothing. Currently trying to resolve the same issue with a 9600/350 and I was thinking they were both bad PSUs. However I just swapped a known good PSU out of an 8600/250 into the 9600 and the issue persists. I have spare 9600 boards... So next on the list once I actually feel ambitious is to try one of those. If it ends up being the motherboard in the Genesis... Part of me is thinking about trying to put a 9600/233 Motherboard in and hack that together. Though since
  10. Next on the list is to figure out the best way to copy the drive and archive it before doing much tinkering.
  11. Good to know! My banner is actually *above* the Welcome to Macintosh" window! So with the control panel, I can upgrade to at least an 8.x system and still have the functionality of the Daystar quad CPU board?? That would be awesome!
  12. So first thing this morning I tried step 1 above. And discovered a huge mistake I made upon setting this machine up that thankfully did not lead to Bad Things. I unplugged a cable leading to the installed PCI ATA card, and I unplugged my mistake. With the way that the SCSI cable was routed, I thought that the end near the bottom of the chassis was supposed to be plugged into the SCSI card and had gotten knocked loose during shipping. If I had paid better attention instead of letting my excitement rush me, I would have tracked the cable all the way around behind things to the SCSI port a
  13. Very nice project and results are looking good! I have never been a fan of the All In One Macs, but I very much enjoy watching a project someone is passionate about come to successful completion. I hope you get much enjoyment out of your rejuvenated machine!
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