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  1. Hi guys, I just bought a Power Mac G4 which according to wikipedia can use the universal install of Mac OS 9.2.2 -- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mac_OS_9#endnote_A1 (I have the PowerMac G4 (quicksilver)) I installed the OS fine but once the installed OS boots it freezes. It seems like this is because the OS is not actually compatible with the hardware. According to the page below even universal install images have a special procedure to install as a universal install (which is totally confusing to me) https://discussions.apple.com/thread/936301?tstart=0 I downloaded the
  2. Thx for the quick responses guys! Time to lurk on eBay^^
  3. Hi guys, I just bought a DP 800 G4 and I want to replace the videocard. According to Wikipedia the DP800 can use a Geforce 3 (64MB) I do see the odd comment online about using higher spec videocards though (like an FX5500) I plan to use OS 9.2.2 on this machine and use it primarily for games. Anyone have any experience on maxing out a G4 with 9.2.2? Also, anyone know of any guides to flash a Geforce card to work with Macs? Thanks again ahead of time.
  4. Here's an easy one (for you guys) Does any1 have a digram of the PCI slots and their speeds for the Power Mac G5 (11,2)? I'm trying to make sure I install a new GPU in the fastest PCI slot on the machine. Looking around the internet I find no diagrams with specific enough labels for the slots. Thanks.
  5. Just to loop back on the original purpose of the thread. 10.5.8 works MUCH better on this hardware than 10.4.11 (Power Mac G5 11,2) TenFourFox, web pages in general, system prefs, etc. Only thing that hasn't changed is Stuffit's crappy performance. So I guess that answers my question around whether the PPC specific 10.4 is better or worse than the 10.5 universal (but G5 optimized) binary. Know if only Sheepshaver would cooperate... Thanks again guys.
  6. Thx again for all the help guys. Since I'm still pretty nooby around macs... For the dual booting solution, once I have a drive with two partitions and both versions on them, would I use the Startup Disk utility in System Preferences to switch or is there a boot manager for 10.4 & 10.5?
  7. any1 know of a way to mount CDs that Classic Mode can see? I tried using CD/DVD Mount from MacGarden and it doesn't work. Makes it difficult to play some of the really epic games in OS 9.
  8. Hi guys, Here's a scenario that only the experienced gurus of the Mac Liberation Army can answer. I'm using a Quad core G5 for games that span the old Mac Classic all the way to Mac OS (10.4-ish) I'm stuck between two setups for the G5: 1 - Mac OS 10.4.11 using Classic mode and playing games that only support up to 10.4 2 - Mac OS 10.5.8 supplemented with Mini V Mac and Sheepsaver to play all games up to Mac OS 9.01 and then OS 10.5.8 for the rest I've been told that OS 10.5.8 has some optimizations for the G5 that 10.4.11 doesn't BUT I've also been told that the
  9. @rsolberg I used Xbench 1.3 which is compatible with OS 10.4.11 (just found that utility) The 6400 RAM is giving me faster speeds than the 4200 but I don't know if the difference is big enough. The specific benchmarks are 10% to 15% faster with the 6400 modules which are registering as 3200. So if I had to guess maybe OS 10.4.11 can't enumerate the higher RAM spec but the faster speeds do actually get exploited by the hardware??? Not sure how much of a performance leap one SHOULD be getting from a move from 4200 to 6400 (Also, I only have 512MB of 4200 to benchmark wit
  10. @ rsolberg The System Profiler shows PC2-4400-444 when I have the original RAM in it. With the new sticks (16GB of PC2 6400) the System Profiler shows PC2-3200-288. The amounts are correct but I'm concerned that the CL timing of 288 on the de-clocked 6400 is going to make things slower than the 444 timing on the PC2 4200 RAM. Subjectively I feel like things are slower with the 6400 but the G5 is more than a decade old so doing things like running all the ads on a web page are generally slow. Maybe everything is CPU limited at this point and the CAS Latency won't make a difference
  11. OK, thanks for the reply guys. So faster clearly won't happen but with PC2 6400 being clocked down to 3200 (and @ 288 CLs) by the G5 will that make things slower than PC2 4200? (which is 444 CLs)
  12. Hi guys, I just installed 16GB of PC2 6400 RAM into a Late 2005 G5 (11,2) The memory is showing as PC2-3200U-288 in the system info. QUESTION 1: Would I benefit from installing actual PC2 4200 RAM into the machine? (Which is the specified maximum speed for the machine) GeekBench2 in 32 bit mode gives a benchmark of 3370 which seems to be OK for this class of machine. QUESTION 2: Would using non ECC vs ECC make a notable difference? Thank you guys.
  13. Hi guys, I'm trying to buy an Nvidia Quadro FX 4500 for my Power Mac G5. I notice on eBay there are a bunch of "mac" Quadros that don't have RAM on both sides as prescribed by this guide. http://g5center.net/index.php?post=the-fx4500--your-g5 Anyone have any experience flashing the firmware of a quadro that DOESN'T have RAM on both sides? Will the quadro firmware from the page below work for quadros that don't have double sided RAM? http://themacelite.wikidot.com/wikidownloads2 The quadros not labeled with 'mac' seem to be a lot cheaper.
  14. Hi guys, With your help I got the G5 (hardware 11,2) running Classic Mode. BadGoldEagle posted a link to a Classic Mode tutorial http://web.archive.org/web/20121026093607/http://flylib.com/books/en/ but the Classic mode on my G5 seems to behave differently A couple of things: 1 - I can't seem to get a version of Stuffit to install in the Classic environment. Stuffit 651 installs but it's in the OSX environment. Stuffit 703 starts the install but then it states that it cannot install in the OSX environment. I had thought that with Classic Mode installed, if a
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