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  1. the only thing I could find is on the same site https://appleclub.pl/index.php/en/2018/03/21/macintosh-se30-prograph-se3/ the connector on the solder side goes to the 9 pin connector on the back of the SE
  2. Picked up an SE with this card installed, the hd is not present in the SE, I guess it is a display card, but where can I find a driver?
  3. had a similar problem but a different solution the power supply would not start after the recap, only sometimes, when working it remained working. But next day (a cold start) t would not power on. Problem appeared to be cap goo under the diodes and resistor next to the shunt regulator. The cap goo was not visible but when I desoldered the parts it came out sissling (if that is the correct term) After cleaning and placing the parts back, the power supply is now working ok. on the pictures the cap goo is visible after desoldering and present on the legs of
  4. Does anyone know which NIC this is and where I can find the driver disk? LC PDS P/N 110-00014-100 VER 1.3
  5. the green is the ground wire which in your case is connected directly
  6. are the 27c4000 eproms and the CC2 ROMs pin compatible? If so maybe you could burn a set of 27c4000 eproms with the CC2 ROM LO and HI
  7. one of the clips of your rom socket is broken off, so the rom is not held in place correctly
  8. Know you already checked the connections in the video interface, but could you check these again?
  9. I created the following table to check the connections between the video rom and other components Also checked the address and data lines connectivity to the cpu and copro maybe someone can use this to check their board.
  10. Personally I always use tantalum to replace the smd caps
  11. The Macintosh HD does show up when booted from floppy emu, am able to open some of the folders but when I open the system folder the mac keeps searching a long time, are there tools to check the disk?
  12. Strange, the yoke coil seems to be from wk13 1990 Is the a coil added to a surplus CRT? whar would shipping to the Netherlands be?
  13. Tried to install system 7 on the Macintosh HD, got an error message unable to install. will try with another HD to check if the scsi is ok.
  14. progress - replaced the 20 pin connector - put the capacitors on the board and booted from the floppy emu - treated the rust on he chassis - booted using a floppy disk and with the floppy emu the se/30 will not boot from the scsi hd, it starts to boot but after a while the question mark disk comes back, think the scsi drive has bad sectors What is the best tool to fix bad sectors on the scsi drive?
  15. removed the 20 pin connector, ordered a new one. there was more corrosion under the connector so best thing to replace it. What do you recommend to seal the CPU holes with?
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