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  1. maybe it's just slightly corroded legs of the gate array, if you have a chip puller you can remove the chip from the socket, clean the legs and socket and place the chip back DO NOT use a screwdriver, this will destroy the socket
  2. seems like one of the 16 data lines is not reaching the gate array
  3. place the resistor you removed from R35 in R36 and test the 2M configuration as described above
  4. seems like resistor R35 is cut but still touching the solder point on the right side. R35 has to be cut for 4MB configuration (4 x 1MB simm R35 and R36 removed) if you want to test 2MB place 2 x 1MB simm in SLOT 1 and 2 remove R35 and place a resistor in R36
  5. http://www.retro.co.za/ccc/mac/ReverseEngineering/PALs.html
  6. the mask roms are TC531000 the closest EPROM is the 27C010 but you have to create an adapter maybe you can use an HN27C301 which comes closer in pinout You have to connect a wire to OE ( i think to GND) and connect the VCC to pin 32 TC531000
  7. the only thing I could find is on the same site https://appleclub.pl/index.php/en/2018/03/21/macintosh-se30-prograph-se3/ the connector on the solder side goes to the 9 pin connector on the back of the SE
  8. Picked up an SE with this card installed, the hd is not present in the SE, I guess it is a display card, but where can I find a driver?
  9. had a similar problem but a different solution the power supply would not start after the recap, only sometimes, when working it remained working. But next day (a cold start) t would not power on. Problem appeared to be cap goo under the diodes and resistor next to the shunt regulator. The cap goo was not visible but when I desoldered the parts it came out sissling (if that is the correct term) After cleaning and placing the parts back, the power supply is now working ok. on the pictures the cap goo is visible after desoldering and present on the legs of
  10. Does anyone know which NIC this is and where I can find the driver disk? LC PDS P/N 110-00014-100 VER 1.3
  11. the green is the ground wire which in your case is connected directly
  12. are the 27c4000 eproms and the CC2 ROMs pin compatible? If so maybe you could burn a set of 27c4000 eproms with the CC2 ROM LO and HI
  13. one of the clips of your rom socket is broken off, so the rom is not held in place correctly
  14. Know you already checked the connections in the video interface, but could you check these again?
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