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  1. I'm aware the logic board needs recapping. I even stated it is the next step I'm taking.
  2. Update: On the analog board, there were a few cracked solder joints. I had someone I knew re-flow those. Unfortunately, no progress has been made. Still powers on with no chime and a blank screen. However, I did notice something really strange with the logic board: Upon startup, I checked the voltages using the floppy port. They were in the correct range on the +12v, -12v, and +5v. Pretty much spot on. I check a couple minutes later with the machine still running, and the voltages had dropped significantly. I'm guessing the logic board needs recapping, which is the next thing I want t
  3. Okay, well I happen to know someone who has experience recapping a logic board, so I'll have him do that first. If that doesn't fix the problem, then we'll troubleshoot some more. He also has experience with CRTs of all sorts and knows the components well.
  4. Alright. Sorry for all of the confusion.
  5. So I haven't recapped the logic board yet, but I am going to recap both the analog board and the logic board quite soon. Because the CRT isn't turning on, I'm thinking it has something to do with the analog board. The hard drive does spin up, but I don't know if there is anything on it. So clearly it's powering up and it's receiving power, but there is no startup chime and no video. I also grabbed a voltmeter and measured the power through the floppy port yesterday. It is within its normal range for both the +12v and the +5v. The +12v read around 12.36v or something like that, and the +5v read
  6. Alright. I am planning on recapping the logic board soon.
  7. I checked the voltages from the floppy port and they are in the correct range. The +5v read around 5.0 volts and the +12 reads around 12 volts or something like that. I have it apart at the moment, and I'm thinking at this point it's something to do with the analog board. I noticed the capacitors are of nichicon brand on the analog board. Does this mean they were replaced at some point? And is the flyback transformer known to go on these models? I don't know what else it could be at this point. Thanks!
  8. Okay, so I got the Macintosh Classic II. When I turn it on, the following symptoms are the following: The fan and the hard drive spin up, but there is no chime at all. Nothing comes up on the screen. I tried re-seating the RAM modules and did the basic troubleshooting. Still no chime or screen. Taking it apart, it appeared to be in very good condition internally. I checked all of the connections. Everything appears OK. I replaced the clock battery, luckily no leakage or corrosion from that. I turned it on while I had the case off, and the tube has a very faint orange glow and everythin
  9. Originally, I thought my Macintosh Classic II was getting it delivered on Monday, March 20. However, FedEx said it was scheduled to be delivered on Tuesday, but it never went out for delivery. Later in the afternoon yesterday I checked to see where it was at. It had been stuck in Tracy, CA for over two days for no apparent reason. The past five tracking entries all said Tracy, CA which I thought was odd. I check this morning (Wednesday, March 22) and it finally reached the local FedEx facility. I log in to my gmail and I saw there were a couple of emails, since I opted to get notifications for
  10. I've heard cleaning the logic board can help, although temporarily. I know it's not a long term solution, and I'm aware the caps will need replacing anyway, but I would imagine cleaning it can help determine if it's working or there's a bigger problem at hand. I won't know until tomorrow when I get it. I'll check the CRT connections once I receive it. And of course the brightness control.
  11. It's got some work to do. I already know that. I sure hope the battery didn't explode. I won't know until I get it, though. It says it was manufactured in November 1992, and I read somewhere there were two revisions of the Macintosh Classic II regarding the logic board. I'm thinking this is a Revision 2 because of how late it was manufactured. I believe it was discontinued in 1993 from what I have read. Is there anything else I should watch out for regarding these like common issues or faults? I've also heard people recommend discharging the CRT and other people say it's not necessary. Who sho
  12. I'm getting it delivered this Monday. I will post here again once I get it. I know I'll need to take it apart at some point after I receive it.
  13. Hello everyone, I bought a Macintosh Classic II in really nice condition on eBay. Cosmetically from the pictures, I rate it as an 8/10 with hardly any yellowing, including the keyboard and mouse. I haven't received it yet, but I plan on restoring it to a working state. The seller said the computer turns on, but there is no startup chime and nothing comes up on the display, although the fan runs. I've heard the capacitors can be a culprit. Does anyone know what would be causing these symptoms? I figure either something is disconnected internally or there is another problem at hand. I would
  14. Yes, I found the cable specs in the Service Source.
  15. The display ribbon cable also broke, so I'm assuming I can at least use the PowerBook 140 display cable in the 160. Those appear to be the same part number.
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