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  1. Thanks for the response @Byrd, just given that a read, looks like a neat idea. I've looked into the revisions, it would appear that both of these are Rev 2s, as the CMD chip is labled '646U2-402' as opposed to 'PCI646U2'. I also tried putting the internal Zip over from the dead machine to the working one. Weirdly, when I tried that, it turned itself on when i plugged the machine in and refused to chime. Taking it out again sorted it out
  2. Hi all, quick question. I have a B&W G3 with the entry level 300mhz chip in it, and a parts donor with 400mhz chip with twice the L2 cache. Do I just need to switch the CPU card and the jumpers over to upgrade it or are the logic boards different and would require the whole board to be switched over? Cheers!
  3. Hi all I have a Quadra 610 with its install disks and would quite like to wipe the whole thing and do a fresh install of 7.1. Unless I've been looking in the wrong places, it doesn't look like it's install floppy has a disk utility app to wipe it so I'm curious to what the procedure is. Is there a particular way to do this or do i just boot off the 'install me first' disk and put the entire contents of the HD in the bin? Cheers!
  4. Prices in the UK for these things seem to be fairly stable at the moment. A 800mhz TiBook in decent nick went for 80 quid recently and Pismos also seem to be between 80 and 90. AlBooks are ranging from 20 to 70, and no-one wants the white iBooks. I actually won one for 99p last month and messaged the seller saying 'hey, i'd be pissed if this happened to me, feel free to cancel it'. The only ones selling (selling mind, not just listed) above 150 are the clamshells, which as far as I'm concerned are the least deserving of it. If any of the other laptop models came in different colour
  5. Thanks for the link, thats really helpful. I'v pulled off the side now to have a look at the subwoofer thingy, gave it a bit of a clean, re-inserted the cable connecting it to the video in board, twisted the volume knob a lot, and now its working quite happily.
  6. So i'v been using this machine for a wee while now, shifted the OS back down to 8.1 as I have enough systems running 9. A few interesting things have happened along the way. I tried plugging a spare floppy drive into the floppy port, which stopped the machine getting past it's chime, bit of a shame, i was hoping to make use of that. More surprisingly tho, about an hour into playing Warcraft II, the subwoofer suddenly came back to life, I never disassembled it far enough to see if it was there, (I actually thought it was missing) and my word did it sound good, what a brilliant id
  7. These things usually do have regular stickers on them, i screenshotted the below from another ebay listing, i guess the distinguishes from NA ones is that these say 'assembled in ireland'.
  8. Well the voltage that comes out of the walls here is 230v but there is still the option to knock it over to 110. Someone clearly didn't trust people not to fiddle with that switch, hence the note. I tried it once not really knowing what it did. It exploded. The modem appears to be German as it says Apple Computer GMBH on it, they probably all said that across Europe, the graphics chip appears to have come from Malta. My theory regarding the prototype stuff is that the case was perhaps part of a test unit for a reseller or Apple Europe or whatever, as thats the only bit
  9. A few days ago on eBay UK I won what I thought was a 6400, the seller didn't specify much, it was a low effort listing and there was no way of knowing if it would even work, it did, so £57 plus postage was a good price. It arrived yesterday and after taking it apart to dust it off, noticed it had a fan on the CPU. Turns out its got a 6500/300 logic board in it with 64mb ram, a modem, fallorn ethernet card and Avid capture card. Everything else is a bit all over the place. No floppy drive, and no built in sound, it doesn't look to have a speaker in it. The CD drive is an old 600i fr
  10. 145 seems to equate to both 640x480 66hz, and Hi-Res 12-14". Not sure what the difference is but both are in in Composite Sync. I was rather hoping I would be able to feed the signal into my capture card so that another monitor on the desk wasn't nececery, however it doesn't seem to be able to pick up the signal. Same goes for my 630 in this resolution however its fine with that machine running in 800x600 and I don't know enough to know why. (832x624 also works but there is interfearence when putting out that). Perhaps one of these other combinations
  11. Oh i see, its the converter itself. Thanks for that Switches 1,4 and 5 are turned on, I'll have to wait to this eve to check what that means in it's guide.
  12. Hi all I got a IIsi today, its jolly nice and up and running, just finished the long runaround of finding and putting a copy of stuffit on it that isn't compressed with stuffit, thats always fun :/ I have it outputting to an LCD screen via a converter to VGA but im not entirely sure what its actually outputting, as System 7.1 doesn't seem to have any resolution options in the monitor control panel. So its onboard video is either outputting 512 x 384 or 640 x 480. Is there a best way to find out which? Cheers!
  13. Hello I have a 6200 with what I think is a borked power supply, as the logic board and hard disk are all ok when inserted into another one. Trying to turn it on makes the speaker pop faintly and holding the button down results in the noise happening every couple of seconds. Just wondering if anyone could confirm this and if it sounds like a standard caps issue or something lousier. Cheers!
  14. I thought about that, but my Pismos which don't really differ from Lombards all that much, both boot to the last selected drive without a PRAM inserted. I removed them when they started preventing them from starting up at all
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