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  1. That really is an atrocious policy...but hey, if people could just get used stuff that still worked, the economy would collapse and the terrorists would win!
  2. Talk 'em down to $20. I've gotten Quicksilvers and MDDs at the recycle center for $10.
  3. Is this one of those MIDI modules that are "MT-32-compatible" in the sense of having an instrument list that mimics the MT-32 presets, or is it actually compatible with custom patches? Either way, cool
  4. Hah! I'll have to set my SE/30 on a stack of half-rack modules when I get it up and running
  5. Tiger itself runs okay (not well, but okay) on a G3, given enough RAM. TenFourFox was lethargic on my 500MHz Pismo when I was still using Tiger on it, but other stuff seemed to run pretty well. PPC-era VSTs usually have pretty detailed system-requirements information in the readme, anyway. Ah, bummer. eBay's probably your best bet, then, though it couldn't hurt to keep an eye on other places (Craigslist has sites for some Eastern European countries, and maybe you have a local paper you could place an ad in?)
  6. It's also worth noting that you may have a music store or two in your area that deals in used equipment - I frequent my local Music-Go-Round and I've gotten some great gear for quite cheap there. This has the added benefit that you can go in and do a hands-on demo to see if you like the sounds and UI of a unit before you buy it.
  7. Hmm. Most synthesizers have decent electric-piano tones, and cheesy '60s transistor organs like the Vox are also common, so you should be good on those fronts with just about anything. Really good acoustic-piano sounds are less common, but if you just want it for practice maybe it's not so big a deal? You might try a Yamaha TX81Z - it's got ROM presets for a couple of excellent Vox-type sounds ("6 Tease" and "Farcheeza") and some good Rhodes/Wurlitzer tones, and a few acoustic pianos that are decent by FM standards (though that's not saying a lot,) along with a bunch of other sounds in var
  8. I haven't used the Keystation, but in general M-Audio's driver support for Mac OS is excellent - both my Midisport 1x1 and the Radium 49 I used to have worked fine even on OS9. However, unless you're going to use VSTs, you'd be stuck with Apple's built-in MIDI soundfont, which isn't very good (if not quite as terrible as Windows's.) Is there a particular kind of sound you're looking for? Do you necessarily need standard GM/XG, or just something that makes sounds? The MU-50 might be pricey, but you can get various MIDI modules pretty inexpensively (anywhere from $50-200) if you keep an eye out.
  9. The cheapest one I could find back when I first needed one had a 24" shank. So I now have a handy makeshift barbecue skewer as well as a useful tool
  10. You can't make an 800k Mac disk from a PC drive, as (like the 400k disks) they use a different encoding format that PC floppy controllers don't support. (Same goes for every USB floppy drive that I know of; the other problem with USB floppies is that some - most? All? - of them only support FAT12 disk access and not the low-level access needed for other filesystems.) It's probably possible to make a 1.44MB disk from a PC, though.
  11. I sense I've touched a nerve In fairness, 800x600x24 ain't nothing to sneeze at, and 1024x768x16 is at least usable for web browsing (though you really want 24-bit color for Photoshop,) but as I said, I'll give both a shot and see how they stack up.
  12. It's an interesting system - from that period where new computers were branching out into this GUI thing, but before everything became either Windows or Unix derivatives. You can get a basic A500/A2000 setup pretty cheap, should you ever want to give it a shot.
  13. Does the SpigotPower AV improve anything besides video capture/playback? That really isn't important to me (I got the 840AV on account of its being the fastest 68k Mac, and if I use the DSP at all it'll be for Photoshop and possibly some audio work.)
  14. Hmm. I actually have a Radius PrecisionColor 24XP en route, but I'd gathered NuBus cards tend to be slower than the 840AV's onboard video? Then again, it is QuickDraw-accelerated...I'll experiment and see what works best, I guess. So, video card, faster SCSI...anything else worth looking into?
  15. Hmm. Are there any particularly interesting Nubus cards aside from DSPs (which the 840AV already has?)
  16. So I'm putting together a Quadra 840AV basically out of parts (got a motherboard + RAM en route, need to find a housing for it.) But I'm trying to expand it a little, too; specifically, I plan on getting a NIC, since NuBus Ethernet cards go for about as much as AAUI-to-RJ45 adapters or less. But I've never owned a NuBus Mac (well, aside from the IIcx we had back when, which I never worked in,) so I'm not sure to what extent drivers are a requirement. (I gather that video cards had some kind of standard ROM that the OS could use to determine capabilities, for example.) Am I going to need to dig
  17. Heh...reminds me of the Apple IIgs I used to have, with a CMS SCSI card that did its own controller-side partitioning of drives into 32MB volumes...I used an 800MB drive at first, until I got tired of it having to check and display 25 volumes every time I booted the thing! Put an 80MB in and it was more manageable
  18. You might be surprised. Kids can take a lot more interest in things than some grown-ups.
  19. Holy cow. I'll take it, I'll even give you your full money back! ;P
  20. You know, I don't mind the cheese-grater look - what I hate about the G5's case is the sharp freaking edges on the aluminum. Trying to carry one any significant distance is agony.
  21. Hmm, well, turns out the known-good power adapter isn't so known-good after all. Cheap Radio Shack POS...I tried it with a different adapter and the 180 is now working. No luck with the 170, though...
  22. Well, I followed the PMU-reset procedure for both, and no luck. No smell of burning or anything, just nothing...
  23. As it says, I've got a couple 68k Powerbooks (a 170 and a 180) which don't want to power on. The 180 I know worked when I got it, but evidently it reached its shelf life and now it doesn't; the 170 I'm not sure of, as I just got it from the recycle center, but it's otherwise in good shape. The AC adapter is known-good, so I don't think it's a problem with that; what else should I check in trying to restore these to life?
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