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  1. That's an interesting question, since the history of multiprocessing is so eclectic. The CDC 6600 rolled out in 1964 (half a decade before Unix was even a gleam in Ken Thompson's eye) and sported one or two primary CPUs and ten "peripheral processing units" (smaller, simpler CPUs whose primary function was to serve up large sets of numbers for the primary CPU(s) to crunch.) From what I read on Wikipedia, the Burroughs large systems (introduced in the early-to-mid-'60s) also supported multiprocessing. Of course, VMS made clustering a byword, but that's a bit different than true multiprocessing; I'm not sure when the VAX line actually got true multiprocessor designs. (Of course, I'm also not sure when Unix got multiprocessor support itself...?)

  2. It sounds like what happens when a monitor that isn't expecting a sync-on-green video signal gets one. Not all of them handle this correctly by separating out the sync signal from the actual green signal, so you get exactly this effect - I had the same thing with my SGI O2 on one monitor and had to use a different one that knew what to do. Though that doesn't explain why you'd see this only on one particular Mac...huh.

  3. I still prefer CRT for low resolution systems (CGA/VGA) or anything that does not use the LCD's native resolution.

    This is key. I'll grant that high-end flatscreen displays have gotten a whole lot better about depth of color and viewing angle than they used to be (although that's largely dependent on how much you want to spend on them,) but it's still vanishingly rare to find an LCD/OLED display that handles upscaling in a satisfactory way (how difficult is "nearest-neighbor scale to the nearest integer multiple and letterbox", really?)

  4. Hah, nice :D I remember having an absolute bear of a time getting a Torx screwdriver of the right size for compact Macs some years ago - I eventually wound up ordering one with a whopping 18" blade just because I couldn't find anything closer to the right size...

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