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  1. There's also VBCC, which is modern-ish (full C89 with a subset of C99 features supported,) specifically targets 68k/Coldfire, and supposed to produce overall better code than GCC according to what I've heard.
  2. Oh, so that's why the keyboard on my IIc feels so surprisingly crappy. I'll have to get around to addressing that.
  3. That's an interesting question, since the history of multiprocessing is so eclectic. The CDC 6600 rolled out in 1964 (half a decade before Unix was even a gleam in Ken Thompson's eye) and sported one or two primary CPUs and ten "peripheral processing units" (smaller, simpler CPUs whose primary function was to serve up large sets of numbers for the primary CPU(s) to crunch.) From what I read on Wikipedia, the Burroughs large systems (introduced in the early-to-mid-'60s) also supported multiprocessing. Of course, VMS made clustering a byword, but that's a bit different than true multiprocessing;
  4. My first guess would be that the disk-present sensor on the drive is stuck.
  5. If you get the chance, could you image those CDs and post them to archive.org and/or Macintosh Garden? Old shareware CDs are always interesting, and Mac ones are harder to come by.
  6. General convention is that C in the middle of the keybed equates to middle C on a standard 88-key piano, though of course most smaller keyboards provide some way to transpose up or down a couple octaves.
  7. It sounds like what happens when a monitor that isn't expecting a sync-on-green video signal gets one. Not all of them handle this correctly by separating out the sync signal from the actual green signal, so you get exactly this effect - I had the same thing with my SGI O2 on one monitor and had to use a different one that knew what to do. Though that doesn't explain why you'd see this only on one particular Mac...huh.
  8. Eh? His forum shenanigans aside, my experience with his recapping service was perfectly satisfactory and I'd ring him up again in a heartbeat if I had need of it.
  9. Excellent. Gorgonops is good people, and I'm not only saying that to cravenly ingratiate myself
  10. The option key's not a terribly optimal solution, though - I admit I haven't tried it on a G5, but on G3/G4 Macs it takes forever to scan for all possible bootable volumes before actually letting you choose one. It's more useful in a pinch if one of your bootable drives gets messed up to the point where you can't open the control panel.
  11. 10.4 for sure - Classic is the next best thing to actually running OS9. Were there even that many games for 10.5 that didn't support 10.4?
  12. I really need to dig into Mac MIDI software sometime myself... What kind of gear are you going to be hooking up to it? Do share
  13. This is key. I'll grant that high-end flatscreen displays have gotten a whole lot better about depth of color and viewing angle than they used to be (although that's largely dependent on how much you want to spend on them,) but it's still vanishingly rare to find an LCD/OLED display that handles upscaling in a satisfactory way (how difficult is "nearest-neighbor scale to the nearest integer multiple and letterbox", really?)
  14. No, GS/OS requires a IIGS.
  15. Nah, that's a generic 7400-series logic chip.
  16. That's interesting - I swear I checked with the area Menards and the local hardware stores, to no avail.
  17. Hah, nice I remember having an absolute bear of a time getting a Torx screwdriver of the right size for compact Macs some years ago - I eventually wound up ordering one with a whopping 18" blade just because I couldn't find anything closer to the right size...
  18. It's been a while since I tried Debian on a G5, but I wasn't terribly impressed overall - it was on the glitchy side, and only certain GPUs were all that well-supported.
  19. Well, for starters, you're need versions of XP and 7 that run on PowerPC?
  20. 10.4 offers Classic support, which is your only option for running classic MacOS software natively on a G5. As far as web browing goes, TenFourFox will run happily on it and is much more up-to-date than PPC Safari anyway.
  21. If you can get me plain ROM images for the chips, I'd be happy to reprogram them (though I will need to double-check that they're supported by my EEPROM burner - what specific variety of EEPROM are they?)
  22. I don't think anybody was talking about transferring a cassette ribbon to a reel-to-reel machine; the idea was using a reel-to-reel recorder as a substitute recording/playback device for the cassette storage, since from the computer's point of view it's just a pair of audio in-n'-out jacks.
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