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  1. Indeed, Merry Christmas and all the best to you lot this holiday season!
  2. My RCWW10 page is up. http://conceitedjerk.tripod.com/retro10.html
  3. Awww, sorry mate. I can't bear to see you like this. Just sent in my entry. I'll be resurrecting a few Amigas that have been comatose in the lab, namely my A4000D and both my A1200s, will probably do something with my A2000 and CDTV as well, with a dose of TRS-80 Model 100 for good measure. Couldn't resist the pull after all... Everytime I think I'm out, they keep dragging me back in!
  4. Don't think I'm gonna enter this time 'round, since I seem to lose motivation rather quickly once something goes awry. So, unless I'm struck by a momentary spark of passion, a bout of genius, or when something obvious becomes even more so, I'll be cheering from the sidelines... -Shaun
  5. Ha! Why don't we call that the "Official Version" then?
  6. Sorry guys, Lost my internet connection(s) shortly after my last post on the 9th, and subsequently lost interest when success (with my report program or repairing my Model 4P) was not forthcoming. Sigh, better luck next time, CJ!
  7. My Retrochallenge blog will be at: http://conceitedjerk.tripod.com/retro09.html Nothing's there yet, will have something up (likely) tomorrow! :b&w:
  8. Yeah, professional life comes first, I'm afraid... I was all set for the '09 winter warmup too, until I was told I'd be going to the company's bi-annual sales meeting in January. As it was in Puerto Vallarta, I wasn't going to say no! :b&w: Not yet! You're starting to sound like my ex!
  9. Awwwww.... thanks! In the end, I couldn't resist the pull, so I sent off my entry letter to Luddite :b&w:
  10. Dammit! There are some new developments (new to me anyway) in the Coco world - I think I'll enter after all...
  11. I remember you showing me that machine when I picked up that SE/30 from you! I'm going to be resurrecting my own LC475 as the first of my Retrochallenge projects. Hopefully I can find a 128Mb SIMM before January is out.
  12. No problem there, I'd be using the Newton exclusively for blogging (and PIM), no surfing of web or checking of email... As for encryption, I'm not sure what the hotspots around town use, that'd be my biggest hiccup (no internet at home anymore). I'd have to do a bit of research using my Powerbooks at the hotspots I use regularily to find out what sort of encryption they use, etc.
  13. I'm not worried about retaining my sanity, as I went mad a looooong time ago... after all, I DID occasionally use my TRS-80 Model 100 (w/acoustic couplers and the nearest payphone) to update my blog, so I know full well about doing things the hard way ]'> At this point, I'm either going to pick up a wifi-enabled PDA, or continue to carry one of my Powerbooks along with me...
  14. Thanks for the offer, matey, I may take you up on it... or join the list myself once I have a stable email account again As for the rest of my questions, I ended up reading the rest of the Newton blog which pretty much answered my questions - that a Newton CAN be used as a wireless bloggin' machine on a daily basis. Now, the only question left is if I should buy a Newton 2100 on eBay or a more recent PDA such as a PalmOne LifeDrive or something for about the same price...
  15. I'm in the market for a more portable blogging solution. For a few years now, I've been using my wireless-enabled Powerbooks (a 5300, 1400, and Lombard) or TRS-80 Model 100 & acoustic couplers to blog on the go, but as I'm "on the go" a lot more lately (and will be for the foreseeable future), I'm looking for something that's a little less ungainly - say, something that'll fit in my coat pocket. As I absolutely abhor cellphones and Blackberry-type devices, I figured a wifi-equipped PDA would be the way to go. Being a retro-minded guy, I almost immediately thought of the Newton, a
  16. Cool, so I have a month to figure out what I'm gonna do!
  17. Heh, I did something similar years ago with a gaggle of sparcstations
  18. Soooooo... are we gonna have a Winter Warmup in '09? I'll actually have time to participate, unlike this summer...
  19. I've had it running in Redhat 6.2 (sparc) and Solaris 7 - and this was before I knew what I was doing I'm looking at picking up an HP9000 system in the fall, once my current projects are complete. Likely an old 700-series machine...
  20. I have the Generic version (generic.tgz)
  21. If you need the EnWare software for the Envizex, let me know, I have a (burned) copy or two around here somewhere.
  22. I just left you a message on facebook... please add me to the group!!
  23. Thanks guys, it's a pity, but real life comes first. Especially since it seems like this meeting is going to be a "career-defining" event No worries though... I kept detailed notes during the pre-planning stage of this year's Retrochallenge so I should be able to pick up where I left off. Kind of a piss off though, as I finally got my bloody Coco3 online with my dialup shell account again!
  24. I know, I experimented Actually, I managed to eke out 200k (it's a TPDD2)... Nope, I've had mine for about three years - and the acoustic couplers (which I picked up off ebay last year) are jet black
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