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  1. Yeah. i mean. how much of it is that i'm just used to modern displays? I don't REALLY remember how good or bad they looked when new. But i do get that line that goes up the screen. So i wander if a recap would fix that.
  2. I think its ok in the mostly black and white of the OS. but The game I show is Castles which is playable but you can see in the picture its not very clear. I mostly have a problem with the ghosting for things in motion. So pictures don't really show that. I'm kinda curious how doom would look on it. My first computer that i ever purchased with my own money* was a black and white Powerbook 190 during a fire sale. Which is basically the same model but with a '040 proc instead. The body is exactly the same. So this captures that same feeling i had back then. i'm
  3. Picked up never-used reconditioned PB 5300cs from @maceffects ebay store. Lucky the plastic was still wrapped around the battery as the connectors was corroded. so the computer itself was protected from the battery. Plugged in and it fired right up. I noticed the screen has some wavy lines going up it. (I assume the screen needs recap?) but other than that its perfect. (aside from being passive-matrix...) looks like it never left that box till i pulled it out. photo's
  4. https://udcf.gla.ac.uk/~gwm1h/Error_Codes/Sad_Mac_Codes.html I think that means bad ram at location G11 but maybe double check my reading.
  5. NICE - I have two but both have the square pixel mod and so far i've only been able to boot up into macworks. the Hard drives / floppy drives that came with them don't work. (i used a floppy emu to boot images) How is the screen? I find mine can't hold a straight vertical line. I've gotten it better with new recap'd powersupply. But yeah the warping is still there. (most noticable with up/down lines.)
  6. Nice find! everytime i pick up a '128k' it turns out its upgraded to a 512k or something.
  7. Same for me. The only reason why i was able to afford it was from having a paper route and had been saving for a long time. Once it went on sale I jumped on it. within the first year the mouse button broke and the headphone jack snapped off. Any complaints that it was cheaply made and broke easily is probably deserved. That said i have a lot of memories of finally having my own computer and not have to worry about the rules from my dad. I could download what i wanted from BBS's and risk getting a virus if i wanted to. (and i did) much to my regret i have NO memory to what
  8. Sure But Apple 2’s seem to be fine where as 1990-ish macs seem to be not working. So so as an order of magnitude Newer caps (maybe it being surface mount?) seem to be far worse shape then older ones Nobody is saying anything lasts for ever still YMMV
  9. Mac 128k, 512k, plus seem to have bad joints that need re-doing. everything after the Mac SE needs new caps. But the Mac SE seems to be a nice in-between spot. Good joints and good caps. YMMV in general tho. Mac SE's seem to be great starter collection items. they tend to still work and there is a lot of them.
  10. Still pretty neat tho. i love that L shaped enter key!
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