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  1. The Ruby-language Legacy Proxy is good for circumventing the SSL. I run it on a Raspberry Pi and browse the Web via Netscape 1.12 on my 6360. I can't remember where I found it, unfortunately.
  2. Those are beautiful Macs.
  3. The //gs uses the same serial port as the Macintoshes, so you can simply use the cable you have. So all you have to do is download the attached file and write it to a floppy disk with a command like dd. The attached file is an image of a Macintosh disk with ZTerm on it. ZTerm.img
  4. The auto-refresh on the chat page interferes with entering a message.
  5. If you have disks and drives, then you can use ADTPro to write programs you download from the Internet to disk via the cassette ports.
  6. I've managed to build it despite all the errors I got. I now have it running, but I can only get the first four messages I ever received (August 2009). My mailbox has over ten thousand messages in it. My email client is Eudora Light 3.1.
  7. I was able to connect to my AFP server using the "Server IP Address" button. I'd like to figure out why it doesn't list the names of connected AFP servers like my 7200 does. I think it may be connected with the general problem I have that my Macs can't refer to local computers by name.
  8. I do have Open Transport installed and running; I upgraded to version 1.3. No change. I would like to stay with 7.5.5 if possible. Also, I only have 1 ADB keyboard and mouse which I share between the 6360 and 7200, so any solution involving both of them together won't work.
  9. Probably the first problem I could think of is that the information, together with the format, is regressed to e.g. 1998. We're not running our Macs in 1998; we're running them in 2017. What would that do to sites like 68kmla? My 6360 was current in 1998, and my G4 didn't even exist!
  10. My Performa 6360 runs System 7.5.5 and is connected by a null modem serial cable to "melissa", which runs Linux Mint 18.2 and acts as an FTP, a PPP, and an AFP server. melissa is connected to my LAN via Ethernet, and the 6360 is connected by PPP through melissa. I also have a Power Mac 7200/75 and a Power Mac G4, both of which are connected via Ethernet to my LAN, and they both can access melissa's AFP and FTP servers. However, my 6360 can only access melissa's FTP server. My 6360 can access all other computers on the network, and all other computers can access it as well. The TCP/IP c
  11. Do you use ADTPro's serial functionality on your Mac? If you do, just copy the appropriate rxtx library file from your ADTPro directory to one of the directories in the expected lib path.
  12. Try disabling CSS. These older browsers cannot handle newer style-sheets.
  13. I believe that button switches between QWERTY and Dvorak keyboard layouts. There's also a large reset key near the upper center of the keyboard.
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