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  1. I found the post, and I can see in the pictures where the white wire goes. But it is not clear to me where the red and black wires are going to. Any advice on how to find out?
  2. Hi guys. I have gotten my hands on a performa 6400 logic board as well as a TRACO POWER TSR 1-2433 voltage regulator. I remember there was some post on how to upgrade a 6200/6300 power supply to support alchemy boards, but I can't find it. Does anyone know of a guide for people who aren't really that good at reading wiring schematics? It would be nice to have a picture that shows which wires you need to reroute and connect to the device. Thanks
  3. I should mention that when I plug the ethernet cable into the back of the LC III I can see green lights blinking steadily. So I think the card should be good.
  4. Yeah it is connecting via Ethernet. I see that at the top of TCP/IP. When I do the arp scan on the raspberry pi, I do not see any ARP entry for the mac.
  5. Hi everybody, I am trying to set up my LC III for networking and I can't seem to figure it out. It has an ethernet card in one of those weird pre-PCI slots (are they called NUBUS or something else?) I think the brand is Farallon or something, I had downloaded the driver and installed it on there. Let me go through the list of things I have done, maybe I did something out of order. 1. I originally did a clean install of Macintosh System 7.5 (not 7.5.3, just 7.5) 2. I installed the ethernet driver. 3. I installed MacTCP 4. I ended up upgrading t
  6. I am guessing this has something to do with your scsi2sd configuration... but you said you could get it working on the Q800... This guy was apparently able to do it: http://appletothecore.me/files/scsi2sd_mac_se_solid_state_drive.php
  7. I am glad to read this topic, I just got an LC III as well and I have the same problem with whining speakers. I just bought new caps for the logic board and plan to recap as well. Don't have any plans to recap the power supply though. I am using a scsi2sd not a hard drive so hopefully voltage won't be a problem.
  8. Oh dang, I was checking eBay. I should have looked at the manufacturer's website.
  9. Hey all, So I was saddened last night to find that, after probably 2 years of not being used, the hard drive on my Macintosh is a goner. I got the dreaded "?" disk icon when attempting to boot. As you might have gathered from the last post I made here, I have recently configured my scsi2sd to work with my Macintosh LC III, which also had a dead drive. I suppose I could swap it between the LC III and the SE when I want to change things up, but that's a lot of opening of cases and plugging/unplugging of parts. I hate the idea of that brittle plastic snapping and getting broken.
  10. yeah same here. I could have sworn that most of them were data cables. But maybe they were all power only. Also I ended up using my macbook that my work provided for me. Running scsi2sd-util in linux is a pain. If you don't run a release that is current to the version of scsi2sd-util you are using, then you won't likely be able to install the libraries necessary to run it. Not that you likely care about all of this. In addition to venting I am recording this for my future self. Whenever I am working on a problem that I know had solved before, I search this forum, and then realize,
  11. I finally got it. It was a magic combination: USB cable and version. I used the last one from 2015 and it worked like a charm. Thanks for the suggestions.
  12. yeah it's in there. I haven't removed it since initializing it.
  13. Hey guys, I could not find any official help page about this so I posted here because I am getting desperate. I have a scsi2sd (v5 I believe, the short red one that uses microsd) that I have configured before, a long time ago, maybe 2017 or early 18. I used to use it in my LC III, but then I configured and used it in my Apple IIGS. I want to use it in the LC III again. But the 30mb volume just ain't gonna cut it. I know it still works because I was able to initialize it from the disk tools startup disk. I downloaded the latest scsi2sd-util: http://www.codesrc.
  14. Haha.. my wife has already given up on me. She doesn't even ask why anymore.
  15. There is a "print quality" button that matches that description. I had made sure both of those lights were on. At any rate, the new cable came in the mail today. I swapped out the cables,and now it is printing like a charm! I guess that is all it was. Thanks everyone for the input.
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