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    I have a Macintosh 512k with original boxes, macintosh plus, imagewriter 1with box, and a lot of floppies

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  1. I accidentally thought that a zip drive was scsi but it was parallel and i plugged it into my scsi external hard drive which was plugged into my mac plus!!! And now it wont read or detect the disk. I tested it on another mac and it didn't detect it either. My question is did the enclosure, drive, or Macintosh break? Can i get a new scsi drive and plug it into the enclosure?
  2. Yes, i reapplied thermal paste a week ago, it got a bit better. For some reason i never looked at activity monitor till now and it said youtube is eating my cpu. Also is the fan loud on the macbook pro?
  3. I need a macbook to just watch youtube and use the web. I was looking around and i think this whould be the right choice (https://everymac.com/systems/apple/macbook_pro/specs/macbook-pro-core-2-duo-2.6-15-early-2008-penryn-specs.html) But i want to hear form people that use it. Do you recommend a macbook like this for youtube and browsing the web? I also want to know if the fans will run fast when watching youtube because thats the problem i have with my older macbook. The only computer i have that runs more loud is my xserve!!
  4. I have a mac running el captain and i need to know if the Quadro FX 580 works on mac OOB
  5. ive tried a lot of disk but allog them still have the "x"'s
  6. whenever i try to transfer a image to a disk with my iic, it writes "bad bits" and then after a second it will timeout to the adt pro menu. Any suggestions?
  7. What is the reason for the ports getting fried?
  8. Yes the hard drive was working before i plugged the zip drive into it
  9. The zip drive was parallel ]'> but i think the drive is broken not the port because i tried it in a different enclosure and different mac and the drive didn't work. is there anyway i could fix it?
  10. I recently found a iomega zip 100 drive at a thrift store so i hooked it to the mac then the zip drive had a port for the hard drive so i plugged it in. Now the computer will not reconize the hard drive. I tested it with another macintosh plus and even another hard drive enclosure but it still wont detect it! The hard drive is also terminated.
  11. i found a $5 MacBook at a garage sale. Im not for sure if it work because it didn't come with a charger.
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