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  1. Now,I am looking for 7MB PDS slot card for Macintosh portable backlit 5126 on ebay.
  2. Please teach me,how to use mail by WPA2.
  3. Hisashi Sasaki


    I can not to register on TimeTrax. Please teach me how to register.
  4. Please teach me how to use Ethernet on Macintosh portable.
  5. I use MessagePad 2100 in work even now. If there is a memory 8 mb, it's possible to connect Macintosh portable and this newton in NCU.
  6. If it's possible to load a memory card of 1GB on Macintosh portable, and Mac OSX can be installed, it'll be quite wonderful.
  7. I have to look for the PDS RAM card for only M5126.
  8. I had heard that the PDS RAM card can use M5120 and M5126. But my PDS RAM card can use only M5120 and I don't use for M5126. I was surprised to know that.
  9. Why PDS slot memory card for M5120 don't move on M5126?
  10. Also , I am looking for 7MB RAM card on PDS slot forever.
  11. Hello. I get 4MB RAM card on RAM slot. Now,My portable is running.
  12. I set the 7MB RAM on PDS slot of Macintosh Portable M5126 (Backlit),Portable can't boot.
  13. Hello Macintosh portable backlit with 6MB PDS card has started. But ,Mac portable don't recognize 6mb PDS.
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