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  1. I have both the Arduino Mega and a Raspberry Pi B. I am not a good coder, does anyone have a programme I can upload on the Arduino or Raspberry? I can do the wiring but I just need the schematic as well.
  2. drybones99I sanded down the rom pins just like you said even though my roms weren't corroded and still hasn't solved the issue I don't have an extender for the power cable coming from the Analog Board so it would be difficult for me to test the voltages outside the case. Maybe if I disassemble the Mac Plus from the case. But I doubt it's the voltage. I tested the leads on the external scsi port and I get the right voltages same as in LARRY PINA's BOOK. and mraroid The inside of the Macintosh Plus was in good shape apart from the dust. I vacuumed out the LogicBoard and the AnalogB
  3. I purchased a Mac plus online from someone for a few bucks because it wasn’t working, so I decided to repair it myself plus it would be a great opportunity to learn about computers since I am pursuing in that field. I am having trouble with it. Symptoms: At startup the chime sound comes on, but I get a sad mac icon with a checksum of 0101A0 with some morse code on the bottom. Steps I took to try and solve the issue: I looked it up and it’s a ROM test failure. I tried resoldered the ROM sockets, but with no avail. I also tried replacing the simms with new ones, still didn't work.
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