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  1. Next thing is a Macintosh II that I am awaiting the next days. I will have to put a NUBUS VideoCard in it. So the topic of the thread is correct. We will see how fast the Macintosh II with a NUBUS Card will be against my LC. For both System6 is they way to go. No Multifinder, no "Schnickschnack" Doc
  2. Actually I am doing mostly nothing with my Quadra700 I found my LC as a sweet little machine
  3. That could be an option for me to hook up my LC to my NAS too. I am using 6.0.8 https://youtu.be/YicfqCx5m-k I am checking out, where I can get this piece of hardware.
  4. Is it possible to put the IIcx Roms in a LC in order to have 24bit quickdraw-routines? The IIcx should have 24Bit Quickdraw-routines, from the IIci and above all macs had 32Bit quickdraw-routines. http://www.savagetaylor.com/2019/12/15/68k-macintosh-and-sierra-agi-games/ Based on the response to the issue with 32-Bit QuickDraw (New Mac Users Encounter a Mysterious Phenomenon, page 29), in Sierra’s Summer 1990 Newsletter Volume 3 Number 2, it appears that Sierra’s AGI games were incompatible with changes made when Apple moved from the 24 bit version of Color Quick used by ear
  5. Thx, I will checkout AFPBridge via connection between LC475(7.1.3)<->IIgs
  6. I can't get my LC475 working on 512x384 on my TFT. I always end up 640x400 in a strange mode that auto-image-correcture does not work.
  7. There might be another way to fix this on later macs. The AGI Versions 1.5 do work on later macs (LC475) in Black and White. Color does not work. But the LC has ROM's that can be taken out. So if somebody whould change the rom from 32bit quickdraw to 24bit quickdraw, everything would be fine. But more likely a software-fix would be the better option. Don't know why the never did that. Is it that hard to do this?
  8. Dip switches are correct, but it the software seems to be the problem...
  9. ADTpro does not work on MacOS7/8/9, MacADT does not work with IIgs images. So the best way is to copy diskimages via serial connection (I have PM7300<>AppleIIgs) and write the disks on the IIgs? Perhaps transferring smaller files (.shk) would be best? Any ideas? thx!
  10. Hi there. I own some Doscards and I got all to work except one. This one is making me nuts. Quadra700 = 68K/PPC-Card and Nubus DosCard 386dx working 7.1.3 PM6100/66 = 486DX2/66 Doscard PM7300/500 = 166Mhz PCI Doscard But the OrangePC 620 in my G3-Desktop is driving me nuts. My K6 400 is always recognized as 256Mhz, CD-Rom is found but the win9x boot-cd always says no cd in drive. I read that these orangeCards are mostly 100% configurated from the driver-software, not the bios. I saw pictures from my card when the AMD K6 is 100% recognized...they
  11. Very interesting topic. I bought a LC1 in order to play the old sierra games and wondered that they even with system6 do not run without glitches. Now I know why. Ony guy with a q700 played SQ2 on youtube but as you probably have noticed there are glitches above the gamewindow. what a pity that these fantastic games never got decent patches to run them on 68k and perhaps on ppc as well.
  12. Hi there interesting topic. I have trouble with my OPC-620. It does not recognize the K6 Processor and also does not use the cdrom. The card is in a g3-desktop. I will upgrade to g4-zif if that is possible and does not collide with the opc-620.
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