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  1. Sorry, I forgot to say its hanging because its connected to an ancient ( Emulator-III ) sampler via SCSI that has a HDD in a format the CC cannot see (not visible using SCSIProbe), all devices on the chain have unique SCSI IDs but it still causes the CC to hang. The way it works now is that neither the sampler or the CC will turn on when the other is turned off (both are okay if turned on at the same time, though). So now the only solution if I want to operate them individually is to disconnect the SCSI cable first. I think this can wear out the cable after a while so I want to find another so
  2. Can I have the CC to avoid connecting to a specific SCSI ID? It just hangs otherwise..
  3. Got me one of these also. USD43. Startup is a a few seconds quicker. Also I notice the fan turns itself on and off now, whereas with the 68LC040 it was on all the time... That┬┤s cool
  4. I prefer OS7.5.3 because it is better wrt scsi when interfacing with external gear.
  5. Cool! It looks just like mine apart from the codes up in the right corner. Is your TattleTeck screen different from mine?
  6. Sure. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/113187948706?ul_noapp=true
  7. I got my money back, but the seller is still allowed to continue selling the fake 68040s on ebay and he even wanted me to return it...
  8. Well, here is the report with the 68LC040 on board. So I thought they must be the same.. Perhaps someone could confirm.
  9. I gathered my courage and changed the CPU And.. it does not seem to have a FPU. PayPal dispute next. Where can you buy a legitimate 68040 nowadays?
  10. Oh dear. Will I risk the LC575 logic board if I try? If so, perhaps I should leave it at that Would I expect to see improvements in audioediting operations (e.g. in Alchemy) with a floating point unit? Soundfiles are stored as integers in the digital audio formats I assume and not floating points..
  11. On OS8 one could see the processor in the System Profiler, but I cannot find similar thing in OS7.5.3..
  12. How can I check if my 68040 is legit and not a rebranded LC68040? On OS7.5.3. Picture below
  13. Not yet, because i found a way that is working now. I guess I have found a way works and I am satisfied with this (By the way, I erroneously referenced PB170s first post when i should have qouted his second post, in my last post)
  14. Hi. i just saw your answer: That might explain why AIFF files that are edited on OSX10.11 are not possible to open from within Alchemy, but WAVE files are (I assume here that the WAVE files has not changed format) - I might be on thin ground here though.. I am not able to open the AIFF or WAVE files (i.e. recognizing that it is with doubleclicking on any of the two filetypes from within the 7.5.3 Finder. (AIFF and WAVE files that are edited in OS7.5.3 in Alchemy I can doubleclick on in Finder and they are automatically opened in Alchemy.) But I guess that has to do perhaps with creator-cod
  15. razo

    FTP and OS7.6

    I am using 32 mb in the Mystic upgrade now. I think that is a perfect compromise - shorter startuptime than having a full 128 mb and while at the same time more than enough for my needs. FTP also works really well now - lightning quick! So far I am using 2 Gb drives on my SCSI2SD stemming from ┬┤starting on OS7.1. I guess I can make the drive sizes 4 Gb now in 7.5.3 and even up to 2 Tb per harddisk if i should decide to upgrade to OS7.6?
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