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  1. I have a battery charger as well--though not an Apple one. I'll get it out of the closet and take a picture and post it. It's a little clamshell plastic box and even comes with a car charger. I have an accessory that I've never seen before as well, which is a backlight kit for an original non-backlit Portable. It needs a special piece of software to run, but it works. I need to get a battery for it, and haven't started it up in a long time. Probably I should open it to make sure there isn't capacitor goo everywhere. Nothing like a Portable with extra RAM to make System 6.0.8
  2. You know, I've had the Zork software for so long I can't even remember where I got it. I never had anything buggy happen that I'm aware of, but of course maybe it did and I just concluded I sucked at Zork I'll go see if it has a version number on it. Or did you mean a beta SE, lol. It's got one 800K floppy and a 20M hard drive (the SuperDrive ones came later). And System 7.1 that I think I actually paid $100 for. Oh, an a whopping 2M RAM upgrade, which I remember scouring the back pages of MacWorld to find for ONLY $49!!!!! WOOO HOO. That was quite a deal at the time, actually.
  3. So I dug out the old SE which I got new in 1987 and have been dragging around from house to house, because my kid wanted to play Zork, which apparently is now of interest to the 14-year-old set. Anyway, the little thing started right up and actually still remembers the date (!!!) and works great. These guys have soldered-on batteries, as I recall. The startup noises of the old 20M hard drive bring back memories, that's for sure. You are in a twisty maze of passages, all alike. P.S. Any of you who remember (or are a fan of) games/movies from the 1980s need to read the book "Ready
  4. Here is a flickr set of my (since sold) XCeed Color 30HR, which looks like the one in question. Micron bought Xceed at some point, it looks like. JDW, if I'm remembering correctly, Micron/Xceed made a bunch of SE/30 video cards, only some of which could use the greyscale adapter, and the thing to look for is the second multiprong connector on the card. See the white 10-pin connector on the bottom center of the card? (Second photo) That's what the greyscale adapter attaches to. The black one to its right connects the external video plug which replaces the knock-out at the back
  5. To remove the keyboard you have to loosen this little clip that holds the flat ribbon cable from the keyboard in. It's a hard-to-describe procedure but it's really easy. The socket that holds it has kind of a little hat on it that can slide up and down about an eighth of an inch. Pull up on the sides of the top of the connector with a keycap puller if you have one, or pry up each side a bit (gently!) in turn with a small flat screwdriver. The top of the connector doesn't come off, but once it's pulled up a little bit the ribbon cable will come out.
  6. This gadget produced one of the great one-liner reviews in a Mac magazine (can't remember which one): "Use this $50 gadget to turn your $2000 computer into a $20 radio!"
  7. The feedback is in for this auction and the buyer is happy. I didn't think it was fraud but the guy certainly wasn't forthcoming in his ad and got really snippy. Check out the stuff the buyer has bought and sold recently. Come on, is it someone on here? cangrande p.s. I still have my Xceed w/grayscale, anyone want to make an offer? I will take as many pictures as you like and I won't be a jerk, I promise p.p.s. Are socketed motherboards desirable? I don't have any upgrades, but one of the SE/30 logic boards is socketed. Do noninstalled upgrades ever come up for sale?
  8. Xceed cards do have video out ports, though on mine it is a separate cable and it doesn't need to be used. It works fine without it, though I'd install it even I wasn't going to use it just so I wouldn't lose it!
  9. You can use Claris Organizer to read Notes, as well. It's on the UNNA site (the best Newton site--all free software, patches, and so on are there). here: http://www.unna.org/view.php?/macos
  10. Hi all! As I said in my Micron Xceed post I managed to snag a local SE/30 with horizontal-line video, and a logic board replacement fixed it. I've read the http://www.biwa.ne.jp/~shamada/fullmac/repairEng.html page but if any of you have done the capacitor replace (003 didn't you do it?) and you have any additional advice or parts sources I'd love to hear them. Might as well practice my logic board soldering. . . .
  11. The saga of my Micron Xceed continues! I've had the card and grayscale adapter for years but due to a boring set of circumstances (moving/job search/family/etc) never could try it out. Anyway, I put a wanted ad on Craigslist and got a bad capacitor SE/30, put in the spare logic board from my old SE/30 (had to throw the case away years ago but kept the good parts) and was up and running. The thing even remembered the date after 5 years in my garage plus a 1989 dated PRAM battery (!). So I installed the Xceed plus the grayscale adapter and the darn thing works! I can't believe it it'
  12. I have a huge Apple Two Page Display that I used for music typesetting until it started to get jittery all over the screen. Not the slow waving that is interference (I had another color monitor too but moving them a little farther apart cured that). A 17in regular monitor is just not big enough. I had to stop using it because of the jitters (anyone know how to fix it?) but it was a great, very clear and crisp monitor. The darn thing weighs 70 lbs and is so big I couldn't fit it through the (admittedly narrow) door of my office building. Also it uses the funniest looking plug (t
  13. I have a Dell Truemobile 1150 and it works with Orinoco drivers and I've used it with a 3400, Kanga, and Wallstreet fine. It was cheap (~USD10) on eBay. Here's the pb1400 wireless page (excellent!): http://www.penmachine.com/techie/airport1400.html
  14. Or a SCSI dock and a SCSI-Ethernet adapter, or one of the (slow) localtalk-ethernet adapters. The ethernet microdocks are the best, though. Bummer I sold mine
  15. Sweet. That's a good price for that. 2000's have a sealed battery pack that contains 4 NiMH AA cells soldered together. Likely it is weak or dead, but you might be lucky. Go to pda-soft.de and look in the hardware section for instructions on how to recell. There also is an available tray that holds four AA cells (of whatever type you want--they won't charge in the Newton, you have to charge them on your own). I highly recommond the NewtonTalk.net email list--a great bunch of folks, and a request to buy a battery tray will probably answered for a good price. Any (and I mean AN
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