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  1. Yea, I was off the forums due to other stuff (life) happening, and my Lisa 1 motherboard being stolen by a member who said he would fix it didn't help.
  2. 2years later... It's been sitting in the basement and i've decide to take a look at it again. I have all the proto parts back in the machine. I was only ever able get it to post once and that was by fluke. Im gonna start from the beginning. Hopefully it's something stupid like a PRAM battery, but I feel like I would have checked that before.
  3. Im home for winter break, and I finally got a chance to look at this old Proto. It booted once and then goes back the issues I was having before. Im 90% confident it needs to be re-flowed to be perfect? Any suggestions for places to get this work done? Not going to risk it and bake the CPU in an oven.
  4. Good luck finding one. It is very common for the leaf to fall out. Id say about 85% of the machines don't have one.
  5. A month later, but no success. I have no idea what I'm doing lol. Everything suggested has been tried, it has to be an issue with the card, all other combinations have been tried. Processors don't look visibly damaged, but that doesn't really mean anything. As mentioned the card does get very very toasty, so maybe it cracked a solder joint? They used the same heatsink as a production machine with one processor and expected it to cool two processors. Anyone interested in taking a look? Im very skeptical to do this after the last incident.
  6. No luck with getting the machine to post. Tried scrubbing the contacts. Ill need to sit down and look closer.
  7. Yep, I will try to use a Brillo pad. I did remember to swap out ROMs. My curiosity lead me to removing the heatsink and taking a closer look at the Dual CPUs. Enjoy these pics!
  8. I bought a powermac 8500 logic board and stock processor card. Tried plugging them in today and it boots on the stock parts (obviously). I then tried the Montana CPU with the stock MoBo and nothing happened. The machine doesn't bong, it just spins up. Im guessing that means the cpu card is defective or is not seated properly. Currently I'm trying to clean the gold contacts on the card. I know I need to use a pencil eraser, but will using isopropyl alcohol also help? Being a dual processor, I fear that it may have over heated; thats probably the worst case scenario.
  9. They are not all the same. I tried using a Grape to fix my Blue Dalmatian with no success.
  10. According to this thread, the cpu needs to be firmly seated for the machine to boot: https://68kmla.org/forums/index.php?/topic/21868-8500-wont-chime-need-advice/page-2 I don't have sound so I'm guessing the CPU card isn't fully seated. This machine is lacking the plastic retainer, so I can't be sure it is in perfectly. I have tried re-seating the card a million times now with no success. Should the card be touching the plastic notch? I also noticed a slight knick in the cards connector, could something this small be stopping it? I am so stumped right now.
  11. Got the AV module for a 7600 today. No success. The manual suggest resetting the Cuda Chip which has also been done. I have a feeling its going to be an issue with the power supply grounding on the case. I tried reassembling the case and booting it up, but nothing happens.
  12. Oh wow. I really gotta get this thing to post now. A new AV module has been ordered. Ill also buy a donor 8500 to make sure the body is pristine. If its truly the first dual processor machine Apple has made, it deserves new plastic! Anyone want to sell a Powermac 8550 or WS 8550?
  13. Heres a screen shot of system profiler. It sees the machine as a 7500 and claims it is a dual processor.
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