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  1. Yes you're right. I need an adapter in order to convert from AUI to RJ45. Sorry, where can I find the open transport ? Is part of the 7.5.3 installation disks?
  2. the se/30 I have recently purchased has a net card, the etherport SE/30. The card is correctly recognized by MacEnvy. I have installed the only drivers I have found (Shiva Kinetiks Novell) that should work with this card. The system is OS 7.5.3 To connect the SE/30 via Ethernet I've purchased this "Allied Telesyn CentreCOM 210TS Twisted Pair Transceiver IEEE 802.3 10 BASE T". This is connected to my DLink DSL-2740R. Nothing works. The lights on the adapter are off. And even on the router there's no light. Now since there are too many variables (the Mac, the OS, t
  3. Could someone suggest where to find a replacement lithium battery for PRAM?
  4. If I do install an IIsi rom in my SE/30, will it be able to use the HD20 images with floppy emu?
  5. If I well understand the IIsi and SE/30 share the same PDS connector. The SE/30 need vertical cards. Now I saw that on eBay it's possible to find some kind of adapter (the posts refers to a SE/30 hack thread here on 68KMLA forum about a hack) that should permit to mount horizontal cards. The SuperMac Mod Hack Angle Riser Card I guess if such kind of riser adapter would allow me to install IIsi PDS card (mainly ethernet card) in the SE/30
  6. As many of you already suggested, I've removed the internal battery from my SE/30, in order to prevent future damages. What is really annoying now is that every time I power up the Macintosh, I have to re insert a lot of settings, for example mouse speed, sound volumes etc. Is there any way to store this settings permanently?
  7. On my second SE/30 I've noticed that sometimes the screen seems "wobbling" if I give a little bump with the hand on the side of case. Actually this problem almost disappear after a while. I guess if this could be a symptom of something more serious.
  8. I see. Maybe it could be easier try to find a ribbon scsi 50pin cable with three connectors. Not common on eBay, but it seems easier (or at lease as hard as) than find a scsi zip and start to deal with another device. Will it be sufficient to have the three connectors scsi 50pin cable (and possibly a molex cable with double connections)?
  9. I've recently purchased another SE/30 (with network card this time) and I would like to "move" the original 40mb HDD to the SCSI2SD card. Now it seems quite hard to find a proper 50pin 3connectors SCSI ribbon that would have allowed to install both the mechanical HDD and the SCSI2SD card. So my other only option is to use the FLOPPYEMU (again only in floppy mode I'm afraid since the SE/30 doesn't support the hdd mode). Theoretically I could prepare a bunch of empty floppy images (let's say 30) and move files from the HDD this way. But that seems quite slow to accomplish and also I'm afraid the
  10. joethezombie actually even from the scsi2sd util I've noticed something strange. I've set up the 4gb card has 1 drive o 1.7gb but after I save to the card I see this messages in the log window: 10:06:25: Save Complete. 10:06:27: SCSI2SD Ready, firmware version 4.6 10:06:27: SD Capacity (512-byte sectors): 0 SD Capacity: 0 ? Is this normal?
  11. The biggest "warning" are the two "fail" reported by the scsi2sd monitor for SD and SCSI. did anyone tried to run the monitor on a working unit!?
  12. I've tried two, but i know for sure they both work. I've been able to test them in my MacBook Pro without any problem, and one is the card I use in my raspberry pi. Also I've been told by Michael McMaster, that was very kind and replied to my mails, that the most concerning thing is the "FAIL" error reported by the scsi2sd monitor, according to him with such error there's no chance the card will ever work with the Mac. I am still waiting for a confirm that the replacement unit has indeed been shipped.
  13. I'm trying to find a network card for the SE/30 but I guess if it is worth the extra money to surf the web. I currently still have only 4mb of Ram (other 4 are on their journey from USA and should arrive this week). I'm afraid that at the very end it will turn out to be so painfully slow to make the network card totally useless. I plan to make very little web surf anyway, just for fun anyway. Did you try to surf with the SE/30 yet?
  14. well, it turns out that the unit is probably defective. I've asked for a replacement unit. I hope it will arrive soon (well relatively soon... it could take two or three weeks to reach Italy).
  15. How do you prepare the card for SCSI2SD ? Actually I've checked the log of scsi util and it reports 18:44:48: SCSI2SD Bootloader Ready 18:44:49: SCSI2SD Bootloader Ready 18:44:50: SCSI2SD Ready, firmware version 4.6 18:44:50: SD Capacity (512-byte sectors): 0 SD CSD Register: 00000000000000000000000000000000 SD CID Register: 00000000000000000000000000000000 Also, since I've launched scsi2sd util from terminal I've noticed that every time I save to device, I get this error in the terminal window: USB HID Write Failure: 0x0
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