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  1. do you have the latest powerlogix software? Mine lets me go higher than that chip is rated for, so I don't see why it wouldn't do that with a 900 too.
  2. I find that whenever trying to force a component into a computer it is better to use a rubber mallot instead of a hammer. These are less likely to break the parts 8D
  3. I want my dual core dos macihne to be an AIO unit, so I was wondering if this would be possible. As far as I can tell, the connectors are the same and boards are the same size. Any thoughts?
  4. I found this guy in my home town with a bunch of DOS cards, and I picked one up cheap. I have no idea where to get the software for it though!!! Point me in the right direction please?
  5. try booting in verbose mode and you may see that message again. It isn't that your card is too old, it just might be too old for things like quartz extreme or core image. These both will flag this message when trying to boot. I get it every time I boot my Lombard =)
  6. the sonnet aria extreme does not work in os 9. The system recognizes that it is there, but does not see it as a wireless card. The sonnet card has a broadcom chipset too.
  7. I am running OS X on my PB G3 Lombard and it needs a G4. I know there are upgrades for it out there, but I can't find one for the life of me that wouldn't require a government bailout to buy. Anyone got one that they are willing to sell or know where to find one?
  8. is there any way add os 9 permissions after os x is already installed? or can i add a partition after the drive is formatted?
  9. as far as running panther or tiger, you have to have the original system discs. It won't install without help from xpostfacto, but i can guide you along if that is the route you wish to take
  10. i reset the PMU on the other mobo and it was to no avail. I think that the motherboard is dead. I did all of the things in the manual. bummer man.
  11. i reset the PMU on the other mobo and it was to no avail. I think that the motherboard is dead. I did all of the things in the manual. bummer man.
  12. Hey thanks, I will try that out. As far as one of them goes, I am sure the mobo is toasted. It has a burn mark on it on the bottom where there is an visible break with solder joins around a chip. It looks almost as if there was an explosion under the chip! I hope it is a power button or a battery on the other one though. I cant see any problems on the mobo, but the components are small. The thing stopped working one day when i was watching a movie on it. It just shut off. It was pretty weird.
  13. well i am pretty sure that the power supplies are good. I havnt found an apple service manual and have actually never heard of those. I think my next step is to pop out the mobo and inspect for broken solders joints and shorts. I will keep you updated.
  14. I have two mac minis, both are G4. When i plug one in, the fan just turns on. The other one does nothing when plugged in or when the power button is pressed. Any ideas what could be wrong?
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