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  1. Thanks. It looks like it's pretty much stock and I just bought a USB 3 card for it.
  2. At work they were going to recycle an old MacPro cheese grater tower. 8 core Xeon. I asked my boss if I could have it and he said yes! It’s now my Plex server. Great machine-even better that it was free! Lots of good videos on how to upgrade them. Now I need to get rid of my PowerMac G5, which is in the trading post.
  3. Thanks for the tips! I disconnected everything, HDD, CD ROM, RAM, video card and still the same thing. Reseated all of the connectors on the board, used a known good AC cord. There are no lights that I can see on the board, and the PSU only whirrs for just a second and shuts off, fans included. I also unplugged the power cable and switched the 115-230 to 230 and back to 115v (I'm in the US), but no change. Here's a video, no sound though--but there's nothing really to hear except for the fan starting and slowing. https://imgur.com/gallery/fSUuMCK
  4. I have a 733MHz G4 tower and when I power it on, it does the usual fan surging sound, but no chime then immediately shuts down. Pushing the CUDA button doesn't help. Is that a bad power supply?
  5. I just saw this reply, thanks MacManiac! For now I may test it with some other sticks of RAM I have and if that doesn't work I'll do a recap. I've done a fair bit of soldering and seen a few videos on it so maybe after I finish what's on the bench now I'll tackle it.
  6. Ah, that’s too bad but I’m glad I know now. Thanks so much!
  7. I took my SE/30 out today, I haven’t used it in probably almost 12 years, but I do remember it working back in the day. Started it up, no chime, just scrambled video (see photo). Turned it off and Deoxit’d the RAM sticks, ROM and slots. The caps didn’t look bad or leaky nor did the battery. I can certainly send a photo of the board too. Anything else I should check? Thanks, TCG
  8. I opened it up and found the offending blown fuse. It's a 125V 750mA fuse. Not sure if that's the correct one to be in there. Of course the only ones we have in the office are 250V 3.5A. No Radio Shacks anymore, so it'll be 3-5 days before we get a replacement unless I've got some at home. There are actually two fuses in there, one on the right and one on the left in the photo, but only the right (circled in green, removed) is blown.
  9. Thanks for the replies. Yes, it's the monitor that would not power on after a power surge that we had. I have the monitor connected to an old iPod and it runs vintage Apple commercials and demo videos all day. The IIc itself is not powered on.
  10. We had a power surge and now my IIc won't come on. I've swapped power cables, outlets and power strips. The only thing I could find about it possibly having an internal fuse was a Reddit thread. I really don't want to have to take this apart, discharge the CRT, etc, but figured I'd ask the experts here. Thanks, TCG Edit: Here's a shot of it in action.
  11. We have one at work that our boss was going to surplus! I asked him if I could keep it at my desk (I work in the IT department) and he said only if I make it so it has a message that says “Welcome to the IT Department” or something. So I made a video of Apple // and classic Mac video clips and put them on my iPhone 3G and connected it to the //c monitor. It’s a big hit when people come in the office! Some day it will be mine to take home I hope!
  12. Anyone in the New England area want a shirt? I’m thinking of ordering one, but it $10 for shipping. I’ve got 3 shirts in the cart and it looks like it’s still $10 for shipping. Maybe we can meet up. I’m in the Derry NH area.
  13. http://lovenotestonewton.moosefuel.media/buy-the-shirt/
  14. Yeah, I'm trying to buy a shirt now, but their page has some WordPress error. I'm emailing them now.
  15. Aww, man. I'm really bummed I missed out on pledging! Looking forward to seeing the film, though.
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