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  1. Uniserver has schematics available ... $25 for the Classic II. Here.
  2. I've just installed a SCSI2SD with 4gb SD card into an SE/30 and this worked for me: 1) Using Windows 7 and the scsi2sd-util, set the following params (which I had made a note from another thread here on the forum): Set the vendor to the string " SEAGATE" (yes, there is a single space in front of SEAGATE for a total of 8 characters) Set the product ID to the string " ST225N" (10 spaces in front for a total of 16 characters) Set the revision to the string "1.0 " (with a space after, for a total of 4 characters Set whatever disc size you need (I made two at 2gb, one for system 6,
  3. If you have Amazon Prime, £3.45 in the UK here. My SE/30 and others have these in them now.
  4. Not easy in the UK for sure, maybe try to pick a cheap eBay deal advertising a dead SE/30 - SE machine, and rob one from there .. sometimes you get lucky, sometimes you don't .... and then again you buy a 'dud' and it has a jewel inside.
  5. I've got a few cases I'm working on, some good, some OK. Today I put a IIci case and lid through the dishwasher and the outsides now look fantastic and almost new looking, but the insides not so good. I don't know the name for this material, but the IIsi, IIcx and IIci cases I have are all covered in a metallic silver coating (I expect a lot of other early models were the same). Looking at an LCIII case shows thin sheet metal replaced this coating as the years went by. The wash only partly removed the silver coating and left many areas patchy and flaky ... so I decided to do a seco
  6. That does look quite cool, can you see the lights on the board? Can't see if you've made holes for access to the buttons. BMOW do offer a case for the EMU (I have one), works well, third item down, but currently out of stock: Universal Case for Floppy Emu Model A or B, Clear Acrylic, $18
  7. Lol, I was already thinking in that direction ... trouble is at 50Mhz they look a rare find, but there are finds in the US, shipping to the UK only adds to the price. Maybe a long wait to find one over here ....
  8. CC_333 - just tried it and it didn't bypass the ram checks. No worries ... at a minute and a half to boot from cold, ironically its FASTER than my Apple Watch I'll have a look at Dougg3's Rom, but I'm 'trying' to be a purist with this machine, although it does have a SCSI2SD drive in it for obvious reasons.
  9. Disable startup tests doesn't work on system 7 ... just checked that one, looks like the option appeared in system 8. ​Elfen you are right, it is the same Daystar PowerCache 50Mhz 68030 mentioned in that thread, and thanks for the links. Out of the 3 download links, only one was for the IIci and this card, called PowerCental Control Panel. It loads fine and shows the cache is on, with the PowerMath option greyed out as the math chip is not present on the card. I've cut it back to 64MB which takes about a minute and a half to boot ... I can live with that. Guess I had forgotten the
  10. I’m just finishing off a IIci restoration and thought it would be nice to max the ram out at 128mb. The board has been re-capped and it’s running System 7.6.1. I bought x8 16mb sticks from 18004Memory here. The machine chimes and the disc spins up … and then a long wait of just under two and a half minutes before I see a happy mac face and it starts to boot up! I’m not meaning to be impatient, but it was previously running on x8 1mb sticks and booted far, far quicker at 30 seconds (with a Daystar P33 card installed). I have good ‘known’ 1mb and 4mb sticks removed from IIci and
  11. Contact Uniserver, he will be able to give you an idea of what the problem is, and the remedy/cost - probably a board re-cap. Search for him on this forum, or www.maccaps.com. He's fixed boards for me, and many others here, I have a Simasimac SE30 board going to him next week.
  12. True Elfen, the floppy drive has been stop/start and having swapped known drives over its obvious the PSU output is not good.
  13. Got the board back (thanks Uniserver) and works a treat ... shame it's highlighted a PSU problem, also needs a recap ± fluctuating voltage supply. Anyway, 5 out of 10 boots gives me a working machine for a while, and yes it recognises the Daystar card without any software (don't see any "Turbo 040"), the card gets quite warm after a while. Lowend quotes MacII, Iix, Iicx, SE/30 only, and 148k ... but not the Iici, could give it a go though
  14. For sure, has saved SO much time having the Floppy Emu ... quite indispensable ... and which compact was it plugged into today? ... an SE/30, which is my favourite compact Mac. Having only recently decided to collect and restore machines which formed a big part of my life years ago, the SE/30 was at the top of the list. Iconic for sure, but maybe the 128k should get the prize for being the first (which doesn't quite answer the original question 'Which Was The Best Compact Mac Made?). System 8.1, now that sounds interesting.
  15. fri0701, ​Thanks for your reply .... your information is interesting and unexpected ... "begins with a 'B', meaning it was once a Lisa 1 that was at some point upgraded to a 2". So ... (and someone please correct me if I'm wrong) ... but didn't the Lisa 1 have two floppy disc drives? This has one disc drive, no HD and having stripped it down there is no evidence of any tampering or upgrading within the unit at all, or a replacement front panel. I assumed that it might have been a Lisa 2/5, without the Profile external HD. As you can see, it had the dreaded batteries still in place,
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