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  1. They would be nice to make a compact 100% stock if the price doesn't bother you.
  2. List price of the mac II made them long term investements and the IIfx upgrade was cheap enough and fast enough to be worth the money. There was a large 68k aftermarket upgrade market for a reason. The IIx wasn't sold for that long before the IIfx came around but some machines were upgraded as well.
  3. There are probably more IIfx upgraded Mac II's (and probably mac IIx's) out there then stock units these days. Is there a IIfx sticker on the bottom of the case?
  4. That's the more common 040 PDS connector PPC upgrade.
  5. http://www.broadcaststore.com/pdf/model/14389/truevision_targa_2000.pdf The base card is upgradable to the pro (no idea where you would find the module these days). RGB is component video. sampling structure is 4:2:2
  6. You have the base Targa 2000 model, then the Pro model which is the same but the CA/V module is replaced with one that allows component video capture. Then you have the RTX and DTX models where you can swap RDX and DTX modules to go from one to the other.
  7. You needed models with the classic MAC ROM if you wanted to boot from the cards. I have quite a few SCSI cards that work in PCI PPC macs. The hardest to find model is the ATTO UL5D for the PCIE model G5 towers.
  8. There are some people who just can't throw anything out no matter how broken and useless it is. Are standard 4MB 30 pin SIMMs that hard to find these days where making new ones is economical? I would like to see somebody make some PAL 30 pin SIMMs (4 or 16MB) so I can use them on my Mac II/IIx machines.
  9. Dr.Bott still sells the 4 port ADB model for $149 + shipping.
  10. Well during the later 90's when the internet was more wide spread and used by the masses a 6200 would have been obsolete anyway. Sure maybe the article kept resell values lower then they might have been but big deal.
  11. Radius 81/110 CPU: 83.9 FPU: 15.7 Video 89.4 Disk: 170
  12. Quadra 950 with 68040/50+ cache Video is a Nubus cards so the bench sucks. HD is a native 50 pin SCSI drive. CPU: 186 FPU: 203 Video: 65.6 Disk: 177
  13. Not sure to be honest. I know the odds of me finding another are pretty small and I do love collecting oddball Nubus cards.
  14. Never seen that card on ebay. I think mine came from a university haul a very long time ago. Don't think I ever used it.
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