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  1. Clean it off and see how bad it is. The video card is interesting at least.
  2. Did anyone buy up their stock and resell them under a different name by chance?
  3. My HP MO library didn't have a T-800 terminator arm inside.
  4. MO disks will outlive us all unless they get melted in a fire. The only issue would be the drives dying from age. From what remember the 230MB media (smaller then the 5.25" ones) is not a flippy. Most of my disks are 1.3GB (650MB per side). I do have some 2.6GB drives but never found any media and the 4gb+ drives are unreliable from the start which is why they stopped making them.
  5. What is the model of the card? I think Digital Voodoo was purchased by bluefish444 or was part of their lineup. I have a few of their PCI-X cards
  6. RTmac software is still available from Matrox for download and you can find the breakout box on ebay. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Matrox-RTMac-Digital-Video-Editing-RT-Mac-RT-Mac-RTMAC/402064532497
  7. A good old 3com 10/100 switch should still be cheap to buy if needed. I kept all my networking gear from back in the day (even the coax) incase I ever need it again.
  8. It would be hard to test G3 ZIF processors made for a B&W with 100FSB on a beige G3 motherboard that does 66 fsb. You would also have to update the firmware on a B&W G3 to be able to test a G4 (no idea about suing one in a beige G3).
  9. Yea, figured they were standard but just checking. I have only one from my wgs95 and have not seen any around. Would be cool to fab some up for normal 950's.
  10. I got lucky and started getting into Amiga just at the point people were ditching their setups for PCs or Macs. They are interesting machines and fairly upgradable by design but only to a point. If you just want to game a 68030/50 Blizzard IV in an A1200 is about all you need. Unlike Apple Amiga died so some diehards spent a mint on 040/060 PPC upgrades to keep it going. The machines were ahead of their time for a few years but the designs that tied it to NTSC video spec in the chipset also limited the hell out of it down the road. Time marches on and the machines and upgrades I go
  11. I don't have any issues with an 030 board on a 128K mac, nor a reproduction of that board. My issue is with FPGA based accelerators that would probably be buggy and expensive to make (Amiga angle). Heck I have Daystar 040's and PPC for a number of my machines. I think quite a few people would love to see accelerators designed and made for quite a few machines but the problem is few would buy them because of cost.
  12. The Amiga 1200, 2000, 3000, 4000 etc have special slots for CPU accelerators making them easier to produce. Amiga diehards will spend some cash on CPU upgrades but mac diehards just upgrade machines since the platform isn't dead. If you want a faster 68k Mac you can just use a PPC mac. If you want a faster PPC mac you buy an Intel one. The people who would spend $500 for a buggy super 68k Mac CPU upgrade are too few to make it worth the effort, especially considering it would have to be engineered to each type of machine. I could see a Nubus to SATA card you
  13. Not that I know about. The IIgs keyboard is nice for a compact, how much are they going for these days? Only other idea would be to replace all the key switches with mechanical ones on a custom AKII board.
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