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  1. I have one, they are probably not as common as the Nubus version (which I also have). They are not worth that much since they are on the very low end of resolution and frame rate capture (a stock 660av/840av would be better).
  2. Non accelerated video kind of sucks. DSP's are slower then software rendering on PPC so that is a non issue.
  3. I had contact with Andrew W. Donoho back in 2005 and he didn't have any files saved for the ROM back then (just the driver software).
  4. I have 2 of those 386sx boards. I believe there is a socket for a FPU and a socket for a floppy controller chip? Never seen the ISA card bracket except in pictures, pretty sure you could make one if so inclined.
  5. I think they are the same type of SIMM used as GWORLD RAM on the Thunder/24 series Supermac card.
  6. Looks like the only person who ever had these is ditching them so they won't turn up again. The boards look interesting but with missing chips and 0 drivers not sure they will be useful.
  7. You need 4MB VRAM on the PCI Powermacs for video mirroring (using the A/V ports). Those used to be so common and cheap I used to buy a bunch and strip the RAM off for PC video card upgrades (a long long time ago). Not sure what I have left of those.
  8. I think the Q950 needs 80ns VRAM, I know main RAM is 80ns minimum but most common 30 pin SIMMs are 70 anyway.
  9. I just took a look at some VRAM I have in a bag and most of it is Apple made except for one. One pulled from an LC has a sticker on the back saying LC only but it is the same as some other ones I have that say 670-0629 on the board and 4.8 display VRAM printed on them. Some of those chips are 100ns and some are 80ns (one has a 630-0044 sticker on it and that one is 80ns). I also have a couple 4 chip 80ns SIMMs marked 630-0045 with a sticker and I believe those are 512KB VRAM.
  10. Maybe I am going blind but that link never quoted speeds of the RAM just some being inappropriate (could just be chip type or density)
  11. Speakers are simple to check with a meter to see if the voicecoil is open or not. I have a IIx board where the ROM SIMM had to be reseated to get the machine to boot making me wonder if the socket was stressed at some point or it a pin is loose.
  12. Did you mean slower then 100ns (the higher the number the slower the chip)? The speed the chips run at is set by the motherboard and you will have issues with VRAM that is specced to run slower then what the motherboard wants. Its just like regular ram that will happily run slower then its max speed. 512MB VRAM has been harder to source then 256K modules for a very long time. I remember trading 4 x 512K VRAM a long time ago for a Q950 CDROM bezel to a guy with a Q700 over a decade ago. If you can source chips reworking 256K modules would probably be more ec
  13. Probably a bad RAM chip (or bad solder) that gets hot and goes crazy. Put your hand on each memory chips and see if any are hot.
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