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  1. I finally build a lfh60 to db26 adaptor for my Truevision 2000 rtx. (I already have the ca-207 cable but is db26 for the pro version) The board work great but only if I use your video out... if I use another graphics board (for example the twinturbo) I have a very slow video preview. Is normal? Pci bus don’t have a sufficient bandwidth? Or exist any tip for use a more fast pci graphics? The Truevision graphics board have a slow quickdraw acceleration...
  2. At the end, Is it normal for videovision not to go beyond 256 colors on apple 16 monitor?
  3. But the card only work if you use your video board, with onboard or another nubus card the video capture not work. I think is needed two monitors for best use...
  4. Hi! I have this card (nubus) with memory expansion and studio board. I searched on web but i not able to find some spec... how many vram have the board? If I watch the chips on board is 4mb! But macbench show me only 512kb... I use the board with fixed frequency monitor apple 16. At 832x624 I can select only 256 colors... is normal? What is needed the studio upgrade board?
  5. The others two diodes is c82m and is marked on pcb as CR51 CR52, the lost component is IC55 (CR is used for the diodes on this pcb)
  6. On the pcb is marked as diode... you can shot a photo of the entire pcb?
  7. Thanks for the link, but I think the best solution is to see another tdk 699-0153....
  8. Yes is strange... the circiut already have 2 rectifier diodes (on the heatsink) this psu need three diodes? Or is a thyristor?
  9. Yes LM7812 have the gnd on center pin...
  10. Massa is ground in Italian I try with generic 12v regulator? Positive regulator I think...
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