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  1. Well, that doesn’t appear to be entirely accurate, as JustG got his working above.
  2. Bunsen


    That’s extraordinary
  3. This is a fantastic worklog / guide so far, and I can't wait to see where it goes.
  4. Thanks for the rundown, Compgeke. If you like, I'll edit a link to that post into the head comment of the thread. Can anyone definitely say what all other models fit in under "etc"?
  5. Your other place to investigate might be the modem port, as hijacked by the GeeThree Stealth Serial adapter and others, in the G3 and G4 towers.
  6. I do remember back in the day that this was possible (hijacking the iRDA port for serial) and that people achieved it, but IIRC it was only on the Rev A. I might be confusing that last restriction with the floppy port though, which was definitely only on the Rev A. IIRC, the port holes are there, but the support components are not.
  7. Hey there, Bit late to this party, but: In theory, kind of. The mainboards from those AIO Performas are actually identical to ones used in desktop models - like the 6200-6300 series you mention in the ATX power supply conversion link. Now I don't know about specifically into a mITX sized case, but you could most likely get it into something more conveniently sized for you. The main drag is going to be getting the wiring harness out of the original machine, and reconnecting that to whatever you want to use. These two series (the desktops and the AIOs) use a long
  8. Is there a definitive single list of all versions of these boards that exist / are planned, and what machines they're compatible with? Having read through the thread, I'm still unclear on that.
  9. What other machines would this adapter be compatible with? ie, use the same pinout as the Q900 & 950?
  10. That's called a "grommet" in English, ich hab kein Idee auf Deutsch, schade
  11. Great find, Gorgonops. I'm reading up on his tools to see if they'll do the job for me.
  12. Well now, it would be interesting to find out what other cards work this way.
  13. If you can tap into the raw pulses coming off a ball mouse's encoders, you can pipe them to the 512k's port. Implementation is left as an exercise for the reader.
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