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  1. Yeah, it's a sun cable, sold as 'sun/Apple compatible' but I suspect it may not be so, though you'd expect as 13w3 to 13w3 cable to be a straight connection. Anyone got a spare Apple 13w3 cable? That second card works fine I think but will check for leakage where you indicated. Will washing it do? Or if it's leaked is that a permanent problem? Does anyone here recap monitor cards?
  2. I acquired these two Apple Workstation/Portrait cards over time and been trying to get one of them working on my Mac IIfx. Large: gallery_5459_108_320932.jpg The top one is a 820-5037-B "1987, 88" and the bottom one probably Revision A board "1987". Both have 13W3 connectors for Apple Portrait Displays. (NB: Rev C, "1987, 88, 89" seems to have the DA15 connector - see http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Apple-Macintosh-820-5037-C-Workstation-Portrait-Video-Card-/311507706762 for an example). Apart from noticing the different capacitors in a few places (round silver ones vs square flatter
  3. Seems DaynaPort E/II works best under 7.5.5/7.5.3 OT1.3 and not the 7.1 / 7.1.2 I have been trying. Looks like Farrallon for the 7.1 system and DaynaPort for the 7.5.5 one.
  4. Nicely done. Seems to be "proprietary memory" for that system... http://hardware.majix.org/computers/sgi.indigo/ http://hardware.majix.org/computers/sgi.indigo/images/r3kmemory.gif No wonder the Mac iifx did not like it.
  5. Found these Kingston 2MB 64 pin SIMMs in my Mac IIfx but it would not boot with them in the RAM slots. I suspect the IIfx cannot handle 2MB SIMMs but if so, what machine/hardware are these SIMMs for?
  6. TimHD

    Mac IIfx Conquest

    Acquired a 'wicked fast' Mac IIfx on eBay, but of more interest, the machine came packed with a lot of unknown cards. This is what I found when I opened it up...
  7. Have a Mac IIfx and 2 Nubus Ethernet cards to choose from to put in it: - Farallon PN590a-TP V1.3 NuBus Ethernet card and - DaynaPort E/11-T Rev A NuBus Ethernet card The latter looks smaller, more compact (fewer chips), and has a RJ45 10baseT adapter only. The Farallon one has AAUI and 10BaseT connectors and is larger, with more chips etc. Any real difference between these for networking/compatability. Have largely used Asante and Farallon (or Apple) cards, not DaynaPorts ones. Any difference?
  8. Send pics once you get inside to see the hardware.
  9. Do you have some further details on the pinouts? I have such a card and a portrait monitor and was looking at a Sun 13w3 cable to connect the two - is that not going to work?
  10. Saw one of those daughter cards (though it read' upgrade card'). Some commentary suggests these cards have additional decoders on them. Will set up a ebay alert, but it could be a long wait!!
  11. So this is what I am looking for...? http://radius.vintagebox.de/Products/0504spec.html
  12. Sigh! 8( The long search for missing pieces commences... Managed to the the IIfx to spark into life - resat the RAM and ROM and took out those mad looking Kingston 2MBs and she came to life ok. Now, I just need to find a 7.5 or 7.61 HDD to chuck in there as I think 7.1.2 doesn't shutdown these 'keyboard button to turn on' models (is there a hardware shutdown command with keyboards? e.g. holding the eject key for 10 secs?)
  13. A gentleman never tells... Let's just say the price paid was worth an entry in this nubus card lucky dip contest. Now, I just need to get it going - it does that 'Mac II thang' of the power light coming on for a sec, then shutting down. Possibly the batteries are too weak to kick it off (2 x 2005 Vartas) or the usual Mac II PSU issues!
  14. Oh, and this was in with the pack of cables that came with it... a PowerR Inc. Universal Video Adapter, Model: Universal 3202+" Which Video Card would this one be for (or all of them)? Per, WayBackMachine, the non '+' version had these specs: Model 3202 Video Adapter For Macintosh computers with external monitors. The Power R Model U3202 splits Macintosh output to D-15 and an HD-15 connectors. Allows any Macintosh computer with an external monitor to drive two monitors, LCD panels or projectors simultaneously. Fixes sync problems. No power supply is needed. Easy to hook up.
  15. So, I manage to snag an illusive 'Wicked Fast' Macintosh IIfx on eBay... While getting a Mac IIfx was great, of more interest was finding out what was inside this beast - eBay shared this glimpse of what was inside... Getting my hands on it at last and opening it up, I found that all 6 nubus slots were full: Time to find out what was in this lucky door prize... Now, working through these... 1st card: Radius Video card of some sort? 2nd card: Apple PC Drive Card with 50pin interface- what does this do??? 3rd card: Macintosh Display card - a 'Toby' video u
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