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  1. None of my macs seem to be able to use it - so no point of me holding onto it, so..... Anyone interested in adding this to their collection? Silent Auction: Send me a PM with (i) your $/trade offer and (ii) what you plan to do with it* before 20 Nov 16 and I will let the winner know. *Keen to see it goes to a good home where it can be used or be added to an existing Mac collection. NB: Shipping from Aus.
  2. Do they have a particular name? Did not see them during earlier searches.
  3. I've seen Mac 128/512/Plus programmer keys/reset switches (thin long, on left hand side) and the ones for theSE/SE/30 switches (taller, 2 pivoting buttons, LHS), but find that neither works on a Mac II (fx specifically) to access the two buttons on the RHS (right hand side). Are these available?
  4. Would an ethermac iprint LT adapter work. I believe it can link numerous macs with a printer via Ethernet/AppleTalk. Not sure if that extends to 2cs?
  5. Anyone seen one of these Irwin Tape Backup for Mac II's about? https://computerarchive.org/files/comp/hardware/Iwin%20Backup%20for%20Mac%20tape%20drive.PDF
  6. UsedMac has some replacement parts that are not too costly. http://www.usedmac.com/products/mac-stands/922-5515-apple-display-hinge-assembly-for-17-and-20-pre-owned
  7. See. https://68kmla.org/forums/index.php?/topic/28590-if-you-are-desperate-for-recap/
  8. Had similar problems with SCSI on my iifx, but an SCSI2SD seems to work fine (better termination) and now I can connect ext SCSI devices or not without any issues and she's fast, even without an accelerated video card. Btw any recommendations for an accelerated video card that are regularly available or are they very rare?
  9. Bump. Was sent by PM a link to a few of these but the files appear to be corrupted or compressed incorrectly without resource links. Anyone got any versions of MacTest II, ideally iifx one?
  10. Ta. Will give that a go. Anyone out there got an Aztecmonster in a Mac II or similar and can tell me how they have their's configured?
  11. I have an Aztecmonster SCSI to CF adapter (http://www.artmix.com/CF_AztecMonster.html) with a bootable 2gb drive in my Mac iisi that won't boot unless I have an ext SCSI chain attached. Clearly this seems to be a termination error of sorts except that no fiddling with the jumpers on the Aztecmonster card seems to help. Indeed the manual seems to be wrong as the jumpers are listed 124T on the card but seem to be T124 based on the SCSI ID results I get. Anyone got one of these working fine in a standalone Mac without ext SCSI attached? Can you buy a db25 terminator anywhere, as I hav
  12. Yes, although on the ifixit and the YouTube videos they flash past this step (or not cover it). Looking at one video the guy seems to be pulling it up (or across, as someone has suggested) but it seems to give easily. Against that, have read about the base falling off tables and ripping the connector out of the motherboard - so these are not MagSafe attachments!!
  13. Anyone got a copy of this software? it's mentioned in an Apple Technical procedures manual at http://www.brutaldeluxe.fr/documentation/manual/atp_applepc525drive.pdfas a companion software for the Apple PC 5.25 drive (A9M0110) or see http://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/apple-service-mactest-ii-diagnostic-132610403 for an old listing.
  14. Bump. Anyone actually removed one of these connectors?
  15. Refurbishing a few iMac G4s and finding the TMDS connector attached to the motherboards are hard to disconnect. What's the trick? Should it just lift up or is there a catch / pinch needed?
  16. I have an issue when I have 16mb in Bank A and 4 mb in Bank B with my Mac iifx. Both sets of memory work fine on their own in Bank A but when both Banks are populated they don't work - could it be different ram speeds and Mode 32? (NB: I originally added the 16mb into Bank B with my existing 4mb in Bank A,and got the bad chimes, And I noted the Mac II manual tells you not to do 20mb that way, but even flipping it round to Bank A 16mb, Bank B 4mb, didn't work either so maybe it's ram speed?)
  17. ScutBoy, I believe the cables are: (per Apple flyer for portrait monitors) 590-0574 Cable DB25/DB25 590-0615 Cable DB15/DB25
  18. Yeah, it's a sun cable, sold as 'sun/Apple compatible' but I suspect it may not be so, though you'd expect as 13w3 to 13w3 cable to be a straight connection. Anyone got a spare Apple 13w3 cable? That second card works fine I think but will check for leakage where you indicated. Will washing it do? Or if it's leaked is that a permanent problem? Does anyone here recap monitor cards?
  19. I acquired these two Apple Workstation/Portrait cards over time and been trying to get one of them working on my Mac IIfx. Large: gallery_5459_108_320932.jpg The top one is a 820-5037-B "1987, 88" and the bottom one probably Revision A board "1987". Both have 13W3 connectors for Apple Portrait Displays. (NB: Rev C, "1987, 88, 89" seems to have the DA15 connector - see http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Apple-Macintosh-820-5037-C-Workstation-Portrait-Video-Card-/311507706762 for an example). Apart from noticing the different capacitors in a few places (round silver ones vs square flatter
  20. Seems DaynaPort E/II works best under 7.5.5/7.5.3 OT1.3 and not the 7.1 / 7.1.2 I have been trying. Looks like Farrallon for the 7.1 system and DaynaPort for the 7.5.5 one.
  21. Nicely done. Seems to be "proprietary memory" for that system... http://hardware.majix.org/computers/sgi.indigo/ http://hardware.majix.org/computers/sgi.indigo/images/r3kmemory.gif No wonder the Mac iifx did not like it.
  22. Found these Kingston 2MB 64 pin SIMMs in my Mac IIfx but it would not boot with them in the RAM slots. I suspect the IIfx cannot handle 2MB SIMMs but if so, what machine/hardware are these SIMMs for?
  23. TimHD

    Mac IIfx Conquest

    Acquired a 'wicked fast' Mac IIfx on eBay, but of more interest, the machine came packed with a lot of unknown cards. This is what I found when I opened it up...
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