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  1. Likely it's a Farallon card. (Sure it's not a 'TP' rather than 'TB'?) See this http://www.recycledgoods.com/farallon-pn594-tp-ethermac-network-adapter.html The drivers are on Macintosh garden or repository.
  2. Actually, one thing that makes the IIci different is that it has a 32-bit pure ROM. Remember, this machine wasn't even listed on the Daystar manual and images, just the earlier IIcx, and as you note, probably expects 7.0.1. I am guessing then that my v1.0 (2434) ROMs in the turbo 040 is probably in 24bit mode or something, hence unable to boot. So how does anyone have an eprom programmer which I can send to them my rom? (Trag's uploaded rom 4.01 & 4.02 already somewhere, so we can source the file.) Also for future reference, found this just now: http://lowendmac.com/daystar/pa
  3. So, I managed to get my hands on a Mac IIci to test the Daystar digital Turbo 040 card, but alas still no go... First boot got a grey screen and mouse cursor top left, but all locked up. Subsequent boots less success, with the IIci even failing to kick on power after pressing the power key on the keyboard sometimes or power on and just black screen. The IIci had a SCSI2SD, 12mb and a replacement refurbished power supply. IIci board is immaculate and has been working well with cache card a maccon ethernet card and 2nd video cards in previously, so I presume had enough power to drive th
  4. Per http://www.gla.ac.uk/~gwm1h/Error_Codes/Sad_Mac_Codes.htmlthis is a "$000F Reserved for Macintosh compatibility" issue. Any ideas what could be causing this? Have a stock standard Mac IIci, 12mb with 80MB hdd and ext Cd 300e attachedand terminated properly. Have noted the occasional lockup when transferring or mounting large (disk image) files. Any ideas welcome.
  5. I'd agree on LIDO for SCSI2SD being better to use. Have used the SilverLining HD installer but find that it tends to jump the queue often (ie it boots before a slow internal hdd can get going!) so have used that exclusively for an external LaCie 2GB hdd that I use for repairs/updates/backups (as I often attach that when the internal drive has issues so happy for it to take charge) Good summaries here too.. http://www.euronet.nl/users/ernstoud/bnchmrks.html http://lowendmac.com/2007/format-any-hard-drive-for-older-macs-with-patched-apple-tools/
  6. Pre System 7.5.3 you need to stay under 2.1GB partitions. See this Apple Support Doc: Macintosh Operating System: Maximum Volume Size https://support.apple.com/kb/TA28860 I think you also need to setup the SCSCI2SD as separate SCSI devices (different IDs) of say 2GB or 4GB (if over 7.5.2) rather than just have a large SCSI device with 8 x 2GB partitions...
  7. Speaking of recaps, a handy link to this article on refurbishing a NeXT CD Rom (mostly same drives as Apple CD SC) http://www.asterontech.com/Asterontech/next_cdrom_refurb.html
  8. Try this site. I got a few 800k and 1.44 system and disk tools disk from here. http://rescuemyclassicmac.com/buyadisk/buyadisk.html
  9. Hi, just coming back to this as I have a Radius Monitor inbound and would like to get this radius connector cloned so I can use it... As before, here's my Radius SE/30 TPD album, now including some close ups of the Radius proprietary connector I am trying to clone. The BNC end is easy, the bit that connects to the TPD Card is the tricky bit... Anyone know what the plug is? Looks like I might have to just buy a few and try, so welcome any links or descriptions I can use to find something close to it to try with... https://68kmla.org/forums/index.php?/gallery/album/159-radius-tpd-
  10. TimHD

    Radius TPD for SE/30

    Various images of Radius TP for SE/30
  11. I believe most of the Apple printers were Canon or HP machines inside Apple designed frames. This one was based on Canon's 'Bubblejet' print engine, so you might find a replacement motor is possible and relatively cheap, or you can pick up another off ebay and combine the best parts.
  12. Sounds like paper jammed in there somewhere - see the Service Source manual for green power light on; error light flashing... https://archive.org/stream/apple_printer_manual_stylewriter/stylewriter#page/n0/mode/2up
  13. I acquired some 5mm sized bi-color LEDs as suggested by CelGen and wired it up (per the end of video linked above) and my Macintosh IIsi's 'Green' Power LED now flickers amber when HDD activity occurs. Keen to do this with other Mac's - is it even possible with other Mac II models? Where would you connect the third LED wire to to see HDD activity? (would I have to run a wire from the HDD itself?
  14. For future reference: Apple Support doc on these. https://support.apple.com/kb/TA42169 Macintosh IIfx: Termination (4/95) This article contains information about Macintosh IIfx termination and external terminators. This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple. There have been 4 different external terminators distributed by Apple. Two are identical except for the part number. Part Number Description ----------- ----------- 590-0304 The original terminator. 590-0695-A Replaces 590-0304. This is the new PLATINUM terminator 590-0695-B & 590-0
  15. I now have one of these cards, but not the Snooper 2.0 software noted above. Anyone got the software or a link to it? Also is the manual around in PDF?
  16. I think the myth is because it's not needed on most later iifx's (as it seems from some old comments I have seen), but early models had issues. Happy to be proven wrong but i can't get ext SCSI working without say an Iomega termination whereas other passive grey SCSI terminators don't work.
  17. Amazing that no-one here seems to have had one ever. Probably gets mistaken for other things not Mac related as it really looks generic until you put it next to a Mac ii and they clearly look related
  18. Here's a "left" hinge $19.. http://www.ebay.com/itm/LEFT-Powerbook-G3-M4753-Wallstreet-LCD-Display-Hinge-Clutch-for-14-/322046572657 And a full set for $59 (i.e. the price of a 2nd hand Wallstreet!) http://www.ebay.com/itm/Powerbook-G3-M4753-Wallstreet-LCD-Display-Hinges-Clutch-Hinge-set-14-/322038729393 As before, anyone got a right hinge they can scrounge from a dead PDQ?
  19. I find that if I attach an external SCSI with normal terminator, I lose the internal SCSI HDD (not a SCSI ID issue btw) unless I use my Iomega drive as the last device in the chain (which seems to work better), hence I think I need one of these black connectors to make it stable and work.
  20. Trying to source a replacement (right) hinge for the 14.1" Wallstreet PDQ (1998) model M4753. The 1998 series was the year Apple consolidated the screens from 12/13/14 into a single 14.1" Wallstreet II PDQ series (both series being M4753 models), with the following year's Powerbook G3 Lombard also using a 14.1" display (but now model M5343). I can source a relatively cheap Lombard 14.1" hinge set but wondering if the PDQ's screen uses the same hinges? Alt: Does anyone have a spare (right when facing the screen) hinge for the M4753's 14.1" LCD screen they can sell?
  21. For the benefit of those with Mac IIfx's (or NTX printers) out there that having issues getting external SCSI devices to work because they can't locate the incredibly rare "Black" Apple SCSI Terminators II's - I was wondering if the linked Apple Tech notes might be of interest to someone here who may be able to make these. The linked Apple's Developer Tech Note on SCSI Termination outlines the differences between the standard (Grey) and Mac IIfx/NTX (Black) Terminator II's (and has a pretty bad set of Sarah Conner jokes). Old (Grey) SCSI Terminator: New (Black) SCSI Terminator I
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