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  1. Ditto. I have the smaller more recent SCSI2SD adapter, which I presume this fits. Ie https://www.itead.cc/scsi2sd.html
  2. The SE/30 motherboard was recapped professionally and the issue only comes up with the ethernet card installed. Would a hires image of UE8 assist? (where is it btw?)
  3. Here's the image link again, hopefully it works this time... https://68kmla.org/forums/uploads/gallery/album_108/gallery_5459_108_1856616.jpg (Interestingly, I just noticed this when checking the link, it only affects the background image, not the MAC OS loading pic or the Extensions Icons! Different part of video memory or something????) Weird!!!!
  4. Looked at your one carefully in the hope this was a common HDD bracket as I found that the 'standard' SE/30 HDD mounting bracket was not the best for mounting my SCSI2SD 2GB HDD. I ended up having to get some of those brass motherboard stand-offs and 2 x large washers and nut to attach them to the gaps in the base of the cradle. It's a bit of a kludge, with the SCSI2SD just fitting within the 3.5" bay and on a slight 5 degree angle as the PCB mounts don't match up directly with those gaps in the HDD cradle. Anyone found a better, more permanent way (i.e. not taped/sitting loose in an anti-
  5. I had similar issues when I did what you did (though with an earlier version of the SCSI2SD) - ie putting the SCSI2SD into an ext 80SC drive to copy the SE/30 internal HDD data over (after doing a firmware update and resetting it's ID no) From memory, a few things: - check the SCSI2SD utility logging/messages when setting up the SD drive: I recall a few checksum errors the first few times I set up the SD card over micro USB on my Mac, even though it seemed to complete! (Ie your SD may still be set to ID0 and thus, finding 2 x ID0 drives and thus the flashing ?s!) - Termination issues. Fo
  6. Just revisiting this thread... I managed to acquire a 'new' (ie replacement stock) tested PSU / A/B for my Mac SE/30 and the issue persists! (So 2 x SE/30 PSUs / A/Bs get same result. ) As noted before, I have installed an Asanté MacCon IIsi/SE/30 PDS ethernet card (zippy.kicks-ass.org:9997/images/asante-maccon-se30.jpg) set with correct default jumper setting (these were so that the card can have video cards like radius pivots installed at the same time) see page 2-19 (http://www.asante.com/downloads/legacy/mcmlrb.pdf). Given the machine boots up and works 'fine' but the display
  7. Not sure about SE30_Neal's one, but that eBay one looks just like the ones on both of my SE/30s, i.e. just the 4 holes for the screws (the latter 2 slightly elongated to allow some variance in drive mountings). Maybe later versions of the HDD bracket had more screw holes for other drives as Apple diversified suppliers. The only critical thing seems to be that the mounting bracket has a protruding vertical bar just to the side of where the LED is mounted - this mates up with the front of the SE/30 case and places the LED just near where the plastic 'LED' is on the front of the case (just clear
  8. Looks like some options around the US$50 to $30 mark on eBay... For $30 you can get a Nubus Farallon RJ45 ethernet adaptor and its 'only' 20 years old! http://www.ebay.com/itm/FARALLON-COMPUTING-PN590A-TP-MAC-NUBUS-ETHERNET-ADAPTER-8960714-00-02-W-WARRANTY-/111792358051
  9. Should be on the front side of the drive, on the PCB, furtherest away from the SCSI/power connectors. For example, see the image of the Quantum SCSI HDD in the following site which disassembles a 80SC HD. http://appletothecore.me/files/80sc_external_hard_drive.php Look for the image that sits above the following text: "The front of the 80SC has a piece of plastic along the trim that is obviously designed to reflect drive activity from an LED on the inside. The 80SC as well as my 80 MB drive have no such LED. I’d have to connect an LED to the 2 pin plug on the drive." The LED connect
  10. No LED for floppy drives (other than some external drive.models) that I recall. Frankly you can hear any classic Mac floppy drive, so why have an LED! I replaced my non-working led (hdd) on my SE/30 after I installed a SCSI to SD card HDD and my hdd went totally silent. eBay has some of these for sale if yours is broken/dead/missing. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Macintosh-SE-Hard-Disk-Drive-Activity-LED-Vintage-Apple-Mac-HDD-Indicator-Light-/131691922931?hash=item1ea97345f3
  11. Would a dirty laser be possibly fixed by a lens cleaner cd (assuming it's not the caps)? Given the 300e is a few years older than the 600e and theyseem to be similar mechanisms a little surprised it's dying before the older 300e. That aside, more specifically, putting aside whether the 600e has issues or not, given the 5.1mb/s vs 2.5mb/s speeds coming up against a scsi interface that can only do 1.8mb/s (even if there's a 256k buffer on the 600e), do I really NEED the 'faster' drive. NB: I should add that the 300e has little or no fading whereas the 600e has a drive tray and outer cas
  12. Also here is a good FAQs for color pivots with links to software too. http://radius.vintagebox.de/RadiusQA/clrpivots.html Main page is at: http://www.vintagemacworld.com/radiusmain.html
  13. Try this link for various radius drivers: http://vintageapple.org/macdrivers/video.shtml Or this FTP site (login mg / password mg): www.max1zzz.co.uk:8000/#/*%7CMac%20OS%20Classic/Drivers/Peripheral%20Support%20Drivers/021%20-%20Radius/ If no luck, I have a floppy that came with my SE/30 pivot (monochrome) PDS card. The instructions seem to suggest the software covers color and grayscale pivot cards/monitors. Just tricky getting it to you.
  14. I have both the Apple CD 300e (2x) and CD 600e (4x) ext. cd rom drives for my SE/30 and want to offload one of them. Based on the specs below, the 600e is a faster drive but I wonder if this is overkill for the SE/30? Having used both drives with the SE/30 it seems the 'faster' 600e spends a lot of time re-reading the cd drive and was wondering whether this was because it is reading the data faster than the SE/30 can handle and hence it spends a lot of time reloading the buffer/waiting to read data (ie noisy). This benchmark suggests the SCSI bus is practically limited to 1,850kb/sec (eg w
  15. Thanks, seems we're getting warm. ' By 'cartridge' - do you mean the toner cartridge? It's new and fine, and the previous toner cartridge did similar, so not sure it's that... By image roller, do you mean 076-0168 Transfer Roller Assembly?
  16. Hi I recently acquired a Personal Laserwriter 320 and have done a basic (not complete) pull apart and clean up of the printer (as it was printing test pages with excess toner). My first test (before disassembling) got jammed and looking inside, the old toner cartridge was leaking toner everywhere which likely contributed to the test page jamming in the fuser assembly. After re-assembling (with new toner cartridge) and printing the first Test Page, it was still largely just a lot of black toner (normal for first use of a new cartridge?), though within a few prints things calmed down and
  17. From the album: TimHDs pics

    Test page from old PLW 320 - working out if fuser or other issue
  18. I've had a few further attempts at this (while I await a new simpler CF adapter which will hopefully work). Found one in China for a few dollars that won't take too long to get to Australia. Meantime, I'll leave some notes below for further reference/use for future users who come up against similar issue (though, I have still not solved this yet): A few things I noticed when I tried this again with some of your earlier suggestions was that on my iMac G3 10.4 it initially defaulted to erase as HFS+ ('mac os journaled') for the CF card attached via a USB adapter, and would not let me sel
  19. Thanks Elfin, I am wondering whether the issue with these SybaUSA adapters could be their design. I noticed that the cheaper Chinese/US versions seem to not have any additional pins/circuitry on the PCBs, and in that regard, are just 'straight' CF adapters (i.e. pin for pin connection between the IDE cable and the CF card slot). The SybaUSA version I have seems to look a lot like their 'dual' IDE to CF adapter (i.e. leveraging same PCB design but without the second IDE (44pin) or slave CF connector). It seems they use the one PCB design and just tack on the additional IDE connection where
  20. Hi I've been having some issues with trying to replace the old IDE HDD on my 630CD with a Compact Flash drive. I acquired the following hardware: - IDE 2 CF adapter: http://www.sybausa.com/productInfo.php?iid=384(supports UDMA) - 4GB SanDisk Ultra Compact Flash card (works fine in DSLR camera and via USB to iMac). - 4 pin Molex (HDD->FDD) cable (to supply power to the adapter board). On the software side, I have used Apple's (IDE) Drive Setup software from my 7.5.3 install CD (and other versions). This will recognise the "IDE" or "ATA" bus and the attached compact flash card
  21. Thanks, I vaguely recalled that issue of IBM formatted disks being lower quality/size than Mac disks - and these were IBM formatted disks (I ordered Mac, but they sent me IBM - getting a replacement box shortly). Given this may be media related (rather than hardware) will try again with some Mac format disks to test it out. Frankly, given the age of some of the 3.5" media out there, it could be just the floppy disk, not the drive that's failing. PS - Is there any way you can be sure you are sourcing 'current' 3.5" diskettes - indeed are any manufacturers still making them, or are all o
  22. Hi I have been fixing a Quadra 630CD I recently acquired from eBay and was having some issues with it's 3.5" internal manual eject FDD. After a general clean up of the machine's innards including an air pressure clean of the FDD (without disassembling the FDD) I tried a few test formats with some 'new' floppies. It seems that the FDD couldn't generate 1.44mb (less a small amount for file system) sized formatted disks - as it seemed to be losing space (bad sectors?) during the verify pass after the format (some down to 1350kb, another 1422kb). More worryingly, it seemed to damage one of
  23. From the album: TimHDs pics

    Image of possible scratch on newly formatted 3.5" drive (manual eject model, 630CD).
  24. Another ADB switcher ('port juggler'!) is on eBay (re-listed at USD$ if still interested... http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Vintage-APPLE-Macintosh-PORT-JUGGLER-/391354056702?_trksid=p2141725.m3641.l6543#shpCntId
  25. I Should add, that thus issue came up despite this being after I had swapped out the Qantum 40SC HDD for a SCSI2SD board (which has gotta suck down a LOT less power than before).
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