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  1. Would the system boot at all? Or did it just make weird noises? DId the front light blink? I ask because ive been trying to diag my own cc
  2. Does anybody know what disks the Apple IIc shipped with? My Google Fu has failed me here. I remember having them when I was a kid, but now as an adult i'm at a loss.
  3. Did you make the cable? I would first start to make sure you don't have any cold solder joints, or bad solder joints. I just recently had this issue, where a wire broke off on the din side of my cable.
  4. I still use an Apple IIc, and had one when I was a kid back in the 90's and would love to write something for your newsletter. Also, would love to subscribe!
  5. It should be a value set in the PRAM. As for how to set or change it, that im not sure.
  6. Thank you very much for the walk through! So basicaly I should be able to dd this back to an sd card and use it in a SCSI2SD?
  7. When creating an image for the sd card, can you just use an HFV image of say 4GB, and just DD it to an sd card?
  8. Appreciate the input guys, ill go ahead and get some caps ordered. Does anyone have a pic of the rear side of the analog board? Just want to make sure I have something to compare it to. Also, does anyone know if I can power up the logic board from a bench power supply for basic testing, such as to see if I hear the startup chime out of the headphone jack?
  9. I have not recapped the analog board as the caps looked good on visual inspection, and the machine was "working" when shipped from the seller lol. This may sound like a silly question, but what and where are my B+ terminals? Also what is the best way to test the opto isolators? Do you happen to know part numbers or pics so I can take a glance at the datasheets? I'm not home at the moment, but should be back in a week-ish. @techknight, I appreciate your help!
  10. As part of my ongoing saga with my basket case Color Classic, I took another look at the analog board and saw some burning around DL21 and DL22. At least one did not test right on a meter, so I figure it's easy to just replace them Could those cause my CC to not start up? All it does is make a click and blink the front led. I have attached a pic of the diodes in question and a video of what the computer is doing. VID_20190819_002642.mp4
  11. Have u tries different memory? Is the memory resistor selected for the correct amount of memory?
  12. Also, checked the rails to see if there was power, the rails were jumping all over the place. As was said previously, it looks like the PSU isn't going into the on state.
  13. Ok, so I did some reading on an old thread, and I had the analog board out. I removed the metal shield carefully, and reinstalled it. Now, it beeps once and the green light blinks. I currently have it plugged in letting it sit for a couple days to see if it comes up.
  14. The fan does not kick on at all, and no this was a private sale from the Color Classic Club on Facebook but I did it through paypal
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