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  1. what your describing sounds like what happened to me once, -I installed the incorrect capacitor ..it popped and I smelled that distinct fishy smell. I replaced w/ the correct capacitor and all was well again. I was able to find the blown capacitor but it wasn't that obvious ...the end cap was just slightly puffed, but not much. But it doesn't sound like your seeing anything w/ the capacitors ...good luck, these problems are always frustrating, but extremely rewarding once you solve.
  2. i say re-cap as a pre-emptive measure. Furthermore if your doing it yourself (like I did w/ my machines), -recap several at a time, like 4 or 5, then turn on machine and verify all is well. Repeat until all the caps have been replaced. It would be a headache to recap everythign at once to find that your computer will not turn or work correctly, pain in the butt trying to identify which cap was done incorrectly.
  3. I purchased my Classic II new, stored it away and 25 years later took it out of storage. It would not turn on at all, nada, zero, nothing. Opened it up to discover that the battery leaked all over the place. After spending 4 months working on it every week night I was able to get it operate correctly again. I had to re-cap all the usual capacitors on the logic board as well as analog board. -and do some serious cleaning and run a few wires where traces were destroyed. It needed other additional work, but that is what it took to at least get it to turn on. -lots of patience and about
  4. is it because he needs to write to a 400k disk that he can not use some conversion software such as "MacDisk"? I use an external usb floppy drive ($13 from Fry's) connected to my Windows 10 machine. Using MacDisk I can easily write to a 3.5" disk, then install on my mac's. Took a little trial and error but works great.
  5. Classic II's are nice, ...please restore it or give it to someone who will. I cringe at all the aquarium conversions, cut-up to become a gaming device or cleaned out to fit an LCD and Pi Macs out there. I started my Classic II up for a friend the other day, he was blown away by how cool it looked and how simple but effective the software programs are on it. They were great machines and can be very useful for many applications in their stock form. I use one of my vintage Macs about 3-5x a week for all sorts of things.
  6. $50 for that Mac, ...WOW -nice!!!! Congrats.
  7. ..I recommend checking all the connections from the CRT to the AB, ...my SE had really bad solder joint cracks that were visible under a magnifying glass (my eyes aren't so good) ...re-soldered and that fixed a lot of my display problems.
  8. Yeah, I spent about 15mins playing it yesterday ...I vaguely remember playing this one years ago, but I think it was borrowed from a friend (I remember swapping GB cartridges w/ friends).
  9. ..an anchor. are you frustrated w/ your Mac today?! ...i've been there!
  10. Okay, a tad off topic, but since it was brought up I wanted to share this photo. I finally got Metroid II for my GB. It was a good deal $4 including shipping ...if/when I see the original Metroid for a good deal I'll snap it up too.
  11. Compgeke that is a nice SE, ...AND I am happy to see that your only a few miles north of me. I always have this feeling that I am the only one w/in hundreds of miles still using my vintage computers. Nice to know I am not alone in N. California.
  12. The 3Ds and DS lite are too new for my tastes Although both are nice handhelds for sure. I have a Sony PSP but I don't consider it vintage ...it is fun though.
  13. as for my fav' Device: the Game Boy Advance SP 101 -I feel this was the best GB device created for many reasons including function and form factor. Game: tough, but probably the Final Fantasy saga. Zelda is good too. So many of the GB games were ground breaking. Mario bro's was also really good. I also love the game Qix (it's not a fav' of many people, but I like it a lot). ------- One thing I love about playing vintage games, whether on the Mac or Game Boy is that there are zero ads, no coin up-sales, and most are high on addictive fun. I also feel that the physical cartrid
  14. I currently have: 1-Game boy original (DMG -001) -this was my original GB from 1989era. 2-Game boy colors (one was my original, the other purchased for next to nothing and I refurbished to like new) 1-Game boy pocket (ebay special) 2-Game boy advances SP (one 001 and one 101) The 001 was mine, the 101 was bought on ebay. As for games, I have about 35 original cartridges. Some still in the original box w/ the instructions, etc.. I also have a ROM emulator cartridge -so I can in essence get any game I want (including metroid)! But I enjoy collecting the original cartridges. Many t
  15. ...you mentioned keeping a data catalog of your music. I am working on a catalog of my vintage game boy games.
  16. -Mine too! ....it was a pain getting my Classic II to run ...so haven't got the energy to dig further into my sound issue either. I am fine w/ it as it is.
  17. I own a Classic II and an SE 20mb dual floppies. I'd have to say that they both have their advantages. When new I'd have preferred the Classic II as it had more RAM and provided the ability to use a microphone. However, 30+ years later the SE is bullet proof in my opinion. No worry about cap goo and seems less temperamental. I've spent a lot of time struggling w/ my Classic II getting it to run, it finally does ...but the SE is much easier to work on and caused me a lot less hassle. Not to mention it does almost everything I want it to and can keep up w/ my Classic II no problem. so, i
  18. computer gaming ...I remember learning Basic via computer magazines we'd get in the mail. Each issue would have a few programs you could copy ...usually simple things like creating a waterfall, which wasn't much more than blue colors flashing on the screen with some cool water-like sounds. However I quickly figured out how Basic worked, and what the variables were for colors and sounds. Pretty soon me and some other kids in the neighborhood started creating our own programs. Real simple stuff, but it helped inspire me to become a digital designer as my profession. Those were good times!
  19. -ahh, got it ...it looked as if both the floppy drive and the screen were lit by LED's...
  20. I've been fighting any urge to modernize my classics. I think it would be great for getting large files onto it but I think id get frustrated w/ a 56k modem.
  21. I think that looks great, and you can easily remove to go back to stock if you want. Nice mod'! Curious how you got the screen to light up (the second photo)?
  22. Thanks Khannonnd! Hayward is about an hour from me, but my sister lives in San Jose ...so I think next time I go down to visit i'll have to stop by this store.
  23. games, -seems to be the big one. my current obsession is Lode Runner and Pacman. no one mentioned porn? --okay, that is a joke!
  24. I loaded this one onto my SE, -spent about 30mins playing then died. I like it, and plan to spend more time with this one.
  25. Moria, ...haven't heard of that one? I will have to try that out.
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