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  1. In my case the first thing i have done is do a deep clean of the board hot water and brush cleaned using ipa also closely to the caps, and checked near legs to caps for continuity. Will recheck everything and add some pictures of the board in case someone else can see something. One thing about this board is that have 4 megs of ram, it should boot fine having no memory inserted. Was thinking in maybe removing the onboard vram chips and letting only the vram simms on the motherboard ?.
  2. Thanks for the info, so you already where all over the same issue.Will try to source a new motherboard on eBAY. Also i see there's the solder pads for a ROM SIMM, there's any alternative ROM SIMMs for this macs ?, that could be something interesting to try.
  3. Hi guys, a couple of weeks ago purchased a centris 610, so i can get again into the 68K mac thingy, and it worked for like a week fine but now mysteriously died on me . I was installing some games and stuff and when rebooted i got the power up chimes and then imminently the Death chime. So i do the usual removed everything from the board checked the PSU voltages, replaced CPU etc to no avail same issue..... Then i checked the electrolytic SMD caps and they where in bad shape so i removed all, cleaned the board checked for bad traces several times and install all new caps.
  4. Hi i like to know if possible to connect an internal macintosh 3.5 superdrive to the apple IIgs. Also if this is possible if somebody have a guide or pinouts to do this.
  5. Following this guide i used the color sheme http://www.xlr8yourmac.com/systems/MacinPC_ATX_case/pages/PC-MAC_PS_pinouts.htm so i connected all red wires to +5 all black to gnd blue -12 orange to +12 yellow to +5 TRKL (says must be to +5 to the mac to power on) On the atx side (green + gnd) to get the psu powering on Ok checked everything like 10 times .... Power on First the lm317 burned up so i replaced it Then i disconnected yellow +12, power on ....... C7 (is close to the vram memory slots) burned up smoke and all. Then i disconnected -12 ok now led power up and but have the
  6. Thanks mac drone that was what i need i try to figure the voltage from the quadra 840 pinout it have a cable coloring to voltage relation. If i get the quadra board working i will post the voltage pinout
  7. I have the same issue using a 200MP dual 604 board on my 9600 get chime sound but dont get video, same problem on a 8600. The trouble seem to be the L2 cache on the 8600 removing the cache simm get the machine to work perfectly (but slowly) on the 9600 the l2 cache is soldered on board this is the reason that fails (i think so).
  8. Thanks MacDrone that could be great so whe can get correct pinout for the quadra 950 psu
  9. This is my first post so i like to say hello to all . Also i got a quadra 950 motherboard (just the motherboard nothing else). The proble is i like to get it running so i tried to do a ATX to Quadra conversion using the pinout i find posted on this forum. http://www.xlr8yourmac.com/systems/MacinPC_ATX_case/pages/PC-MAC_PS_pinouts.htm Like that this pinout refers to quadra 950 but is wrong. The quadra psu connector is 24 pin and on the description the link show 22 pins. If someone is so nice to get me a good picture of the connector so i can figure out the voltage from the colors?. Or ta
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