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  1. Thank you for responding, everybody. I'm sorry I haven't got back. Update: RAM and video card change show no difference in behavior. I hate saying things like "known good RAM" when we can't test anything more than electrical connections or use built in memtest. This leaves out possibilities of sympathetic electrical activity or pipeline degredation. But that's on the assumption that memtests only check for address returns. what do I know? At any rate...I pulled matching RAM and video card from another MDD and tried to launch Halo. Nothing different. I haven't looked at the log ye
  2. I feel like that's going to start to be a recurring theme in these machines, eh? A-What's it doing? B-Well I plug in the keyboard and this happens *Water pours out of the speakers* A-Let's try swapping the RAM I kid, but the wild behavior in this machine is something else. When it came to me, I found the fan seized up on the GeForce Ti and gave it some love. The old bag of bits breathed to life and I felt all was good and grand in the world. TenFourFox, installed without a hitch. A few of the basic utilities I run around the lab are chooching along just happy. Must be a grand piece
  3. Quick Stats: Power Mac G4 MDD FW800 1.42 DP 2 GB Ram OS X 10.4.11 The Problem: Every single game I try to install from disk fails to load after a successful install. Seriously! Halo: Combat Evolved (both PPC and Universal), Return to Castle Wolfenstein, True Crime, Max Payne...ALL BUMS! I'm mostly concerned about Halo because...well, Halo. Now I get that the download may be corrupted (download the images, burn to disk), but the Universal Binary works fine on the i7 MacBook Air, which should mean the image as well as the product serial are both intact. Wolfenstein is just as bothers
  4. See?! This is a huge reason for computers with blinkenlights. Just some kind of status would set the mind at ease. Anyway...crazy concept...have you tried to install OS 9? It has a different AirPort client than X. Maybe first install 9.2.2 and get everything all setup, then install 10.4.11 to bring it to EOL? Mine had some issue seeing the card till I installed 9, and now I never use X on it.
  5. I've seen 130s for around $100, but in the box?! That's pretty cool. I'd be pretty resistant if it was an earlier model though. Good find!
  6. If you're not much into using them why do you hold onto them, especially the parts?
  7. When you're staring at the business end of a 20 year old machine, I reccon anything will be better than the dried out and brittle gunk hiding under any paltry heatsink it may have (I'm looking at you 630CD > ). I get plenty of G4 'Books my way and every one of them gets new paste if I have to get in the case for any reason. Arctic Silver Ceramique is pretty stellar for everything ESPECIALLY when there's no fan involved. Just a dot, a little smudge on the CPU cap, is all it needs. Replace the heatsink straight down and don't wiggle it none. Tighten the screws or straps and don't look b
  8. I currently have an unsecured guest network for my original Airport cards for when I just need some gophering or a visit into the forums. The catch is that the guest network is isolated from the NAS so I leave an airport card in the G4 Cube and turn on the sharing if I need to do some software trading between one of the 'Books and the NAS. But it's completely open so it isn't connected for longer than it needs to be. Thank the makers for OS 9 ad-hoc networking!
  9. Finally have a good number of Palm OS devices, just looking for the elusive ( read: affordable) Newton Messagepad 2100 to fill out the ranks.

  10. So like a constant hunt, poised for the kill. *clearing calendar and canceling exams* I'm ready!
  11. You guys are great. I love the high level of detail everybody brings to the boards. Your technical data is top notch and vital to keeping these things alive. However, in my line of work, "sea stories" are traded like a valuable commodity. And again, you guys deliver! Bibilit, I get it. It's very much like gambling against one's own feelings. I've done exactly that looking for a 900MHz iBook. Like you said, they get WAY cheap after you buy the expensive one. The up side to that is now I have so many machines I can setup a small museum.
  12. The meat of this post is because I keep getting beat out of auctions on ebay and I'm wondering how you all got into your Newts. Do you just keep increasing your budget till the stars align? Do you get lucky and find one in a junk heap? Are you one of a declining few that still carries your brick from its first launch? I'd love to hear some stories.
  13. It certainly does. About a dozen. I pushed around some alcohol and cotton to try to get some of the more boogery joints cleaned up, but I'm sure that's just evidence they need complete replacing. This poor thing may need to back burner for a while. Then again, the on-board video should be fine via adapter. This old girl is destined to be a file and net-boot server to assist in the restoration of other beige era machines.
  14. Wow! All that's really informative. I don't have that chunky adapter for using the onboard video, but I believe I can find one somewhere nearby. At any rate, my original question wasn't about identifying the cards in the system, but it was about fixing the cards. Do these sort of things respond well to cleaning with solvents (or a dishwasher) and replacing the caps. I rescued an SE/30 like that and took care of the screen lines no problem. Is it as advantageous to treat the video cards to the same routine?
  15. Has anybody got any experience breathing life into aging video cards? I've got this WGS with a pair of older cards. The PDS model gives me NO sign of life, but the NuBus card pumps out 640x480 through a DB-15 at 8-bit color. The system profiler in System 7.6.1 seems to not care at all about the cards, so getting data out of them is pretty difficult. Anyway, the real concern is that the NuBus card draws vertical lines on the screen in various colors. it doesn't seem random, but they do change depending on the background. Is this a possible bad-cap situation or more likely a VRAM failure. T
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