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  1. An "eleventy" conquest happened to me at least once: when I volunteered at a recycling drive and was able to literally intercept a very nice SE before it got put into the "truck of death", that's a true conquest.
  2. Hmm, this topic has certainly made "progress" and I find it fairly amusing. I will put my real 2 cents in on the matter, even if I end up just reiterating what has already been said. My best advice is to just CHILL OUT. This is an internet forum, not something that will cause the world to implode if it gets out of hand. To the people that think all of the off-topic "bullshit" should be removed and this forum be strictly on-topic, know that this place wouldn't be very enjoyable at all, with every community you have to have that community aspect. Where you can share your opinions with the pe
  3. Oh, that's the "glowstick IIci"! Good luck with it.
  4. I joined here originally to try getting help with my old Powerbook that I have since gotten rid of. I then later came back to brag about my recent conquests, and then I found out what a pleasant community it was, so I kept posting. Though I do agree it has gone downhill a little bit here, and proof of that is that you admins have to enforce rules more strictly, which would be a stupid move if things were working out fine for you guys beforehand. My personal opinion is that the times these forums were the best for me would have to be October 2008 - January '09, if you could get /everything/ ba
  5. I had that "tar" in the bottom of my SystemSaver GS. Had to clean it all out, disgusting.
  6. The problem "seems" to go away if I run the machine w/o the battery. Weird. Anyway Ubuntu is installed on it, but I still need a GUI.
  7. It arrived today and It works, battery holds some form of a charge and it's in nice condition. And it's time for some Nixification. Woooooooooooooooooooooooo! Already have problems, the laptop just randomly shuts down. Any suggestions?
  8. Eh, I think I'm actually going to take a chance with Debian (maybe NetBSD), I heard some bad things about Ubuntu regarding updating. But I would like to know whether to use lenny, squeeze, or even sid as my release.
  9. That would be the a20m, but I hope that my wireless card will work with ubuntu as well (I've decided to go with ubuntu instead of Debian). The trackpoint is another concern of mine, because I'm certainly not used to it, I've used one before and it doesn't feel right. I'm also hoping that 128MB will suffice for web browsing with firefox and listening to music at the same time, though I don't see how it should be a problem. Also, say I'm planning on putting my /usr and /home directories on seperate partitions, so that a reinstall could be done without having to backup. Is there a way to have
  10. Fair enough, USB 1.1 will suffice. The real question is whether Linux will like it or not.
  11. When I said "new in box" I meant "new in box." The adjustable keyboard came with everything, even the numeric keypad, the adb cables were still packaged too. Best thing: no yellowing. Also, I noticed that the adjustable keyboard has keyswitches, I thought it was newer than that. And my broken Extended II is now reverting to oversized-blunt-weapon mode.
  12. But modern laptops are designed to have hardware failure after a couple of years. Yes, it is from eBay. Have fun with the old ThinkPads, you gotta love computers that seem to last forever. Also, I believe the answer is obvious but if this thing doesn't have USB I'm not going to be happy.
  13. Anyway, yesterday I call my Grandpa (who had noticed that one of his friends had a couple old Apple ][gs, and I ended up getting one a while back), and tell him that I've gotten around to hooking the ][gs up and that it worked, even though the monitor doesn't (I hooked it up to the TV, the image was horrible that way though). He then tells me that one of his other friends went to a garage sale and got "$240 worth of computer parts for me." Instantly my interest is peaked, I go over there and there's a brand new Apple Extended Keyboard II in box, a Apple Adjustable Keyboard new in box, and a bo
  14. I would also like to know whether the AppleColor will work with Macs. Nice score btw, I got a IIgs not too long ago but haven't gotten around to it yet. Edit: Wikipedia seems to imply that it will work. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AppleColor_High-Resolution_RGB_Monitor Thats a completely different monitor, which is not only 13" (up from 12"), but was actually intended for use on the Mac. I stand corrected.
  15. I would also like to know whether the AppleColor will work with Macs. Nice score btw, I got a IIgs not too long ago but haven't gotten around to it yet. Nope, I have tried it. The scan rate is different so the screen is completely distorted. I'm going to try it anyway.
  16. About the OS, if you're going to use the newest OS it can run, get a copy of 8.1. No, wait, NetBSD . You would be SERIOUSLY wasting your time with 7.6, 7.5.5/7.1 is the way to go. I don't believe you mentioned whether you were going to try getting it on the internet, either.
  17. I would also like to know whether the AppleColor will work with Macs. Nice score btw, I got a IIgs not too long ago but haven't gotten around to it yet. Edit: Wikipedia seems to imply that it will work. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AppleColor_High-Resolution_RGB_Monitor
  18. I have Mac & PowerMac Secrets (Second Edition I think). It's quite informational.
  19. MrMacPlus

    Local haul

    When I get an old Mac that still has the data I always poke around to see what's there personal files I could care less about though. For example, my Performa had Photoshop and Pagemaker on it, both of which I have yet to back up (I will have to soon though ).
  20. ...And yes macgeek417, I would say that you have quite a high post count considering how short of a time you've been here.
  21. My response suggested using a proxy in order to circumvent an inconvienience. It was only a suggestion, and though it may have some potential risks it is up to the user to weigh the positives and negatives and decide whether to put up with occasional bans placed on IP addresses that are used. For example, my school district's whole network is blocked from editing on wikipedia. I could very well use a proxy in order to circumvent this ban and legitimately edit articles if I wanted to, is anybody really being harmed by my actions? I think not.
  22. Well which would you rather put up with then?
  23. If you are having problems with the shared IP I might recommend using a proxy server.
  24. My thoughts are, "Meh, I have it, might as well keep it in case I need it. It'll be a PITA to find another one if I throw it out." Hence things tend to pile up quickly.
  25. Goodbye. Though I don't see any point in completely disappearing. I remember one user that disappeared but came back. coughimac600cough. I do relate to the hoarding issue. For a while I kept on taking the systems in. I've only gotten rid of my iMac G3s and the rest I've found places for where they aren't in the way (closets etc). After I got my Apple IIgs I just realized I wasn't gonna use it and that I was just collecting this stuff for the sake of collecting it. Farewell then, hopefully after you've gotten a break you'll find time to come back here in moderation.
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