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  1. I got them at a place like goodwill. You can find some nice things there but it mostly is garbage (almost literally). I'm content with this find and I'm probably not gonna need another zip disk for the entire life of the Mac Plus.
  2. MrMacPlus

    Zip disks

    got 4 for $2. I need them for my Mac Plus, so this is awesome for me. esp. cause they cost $9 new.
  3. Alright, I get that the current needs to change polarity and gradually get weaker. I might call Staples and see if they can even order 720k disks, on their online store they don't have any. if I could make my Zip disks bootable I wouldn't be bothering. And I didn't get insulted, but I wouldn't nessecarily call that stuff "basic"
  4. The AC power source would be an AC battery? I barely understand this, but I assume that DC would send only one polarity all the way through, just like my HD magnet? So I would need to make an electromagnet out of an AC battery, then wave that over the disk, and that would be that? In my opinion, going to buy 720k floppies would be more time consuming and troublesome, really. The only reason I need floppies is because I can't seem to get my zip disks to be bootable, and the 40MB hard drive, well, is old, and not trustable. A few bootable floppies to be there in case of emergency is kind of need
  5. So, when I rubbed the magnet over both sides of the disk I was effectively erasing the data by writing 1s all over the disk? Would building an electromagnet be a way to get a negative field to wipe the disk to all 0s? I really would like to get these demagnetized, if possible, but I'm not really magnet-saavy. I understand I need to get the magnetic field on the disk to 0 gauss. That's all.
  6. I read that demagnetising a 1440k floppy will essentially make it more compatible with 800k drives. I read that from the pickle's low end mac faq. I was able to scramble a floppy with a good old supermagnet taken from a dead HD, but I don't know if that is suffecient, as that is "magnetising" not demagnetising. Also, before I get "yelled" at, I don't have access to 720/800k disks, except for 2 that I found, it obviously would be a better value to use the 20+ HD floppies if I could, instead of buying more expensive and harder to find 720/800k disks. I don't have a demagnetizer around a
  7. Yeah, smacking the right side of it will temporarily bring the picture back. Luckily my plus doesn't seem to have the picture problem.
  8. hmm... never really liked celerons... my parents are using one very much like the Dell Dimension L566cx it has just about the same specs (maybe it's the same machine?) Nice haul, however, old ram nowadays is fairly expensive.
  9. Uh, most all of it was free. The Mac Plus was sitting at a sale for $3, I wanted it, whether it worked or not . I found something else, too. I believe (not confirmed) that someone is giving a Quadra 660av to me (for free)! I can now watch Quicktime movies on my TV! I'll have to stay tuned for a confirmation email, though. He also has an SE/30, but I won't take it (the analog board is seriously fried, won't even chime and the screen is seriously f'ed up) I'm amazed at what I've been able to find this summer.
  10. Forgot that I should also mention that a family member sent some spare parts. -IDE zip 250 drive -2 zip 100 disks -2 internal (50pin) scsi cables -60 pin scsi cable -iomega software This all complements the free SCSI zip 100 drive I got elsewhere, and my Mac Plus currently uses it, along with the zip 100 disks). Overall, good freebies this summer so far.
  11. Oh, I should say that the G4 came w/ 1gb of ram, but I upgraded to 1.25. I got someone telling me I can have their SE (might be SE/30).
  12. :b&w: Over the past few weeks/months I've been picking up a select few computers: -PowerMac g4/733 QuickSilver w/ 1.25gb RAM for free -iMac G3/350 Blueberry w/196mb ram for free -Macintosh Plus w/ 2.5mb of ram and a 40mb hd for $3 I'm fairly happy, but am going to throw out a gutted iMac G3 (indigo) to make room for another.
  13. both my PB 160 and 145b are experiencing similar things. The screen gets brighter and brighter until you can't see anything.
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