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  1. https://youtu.be/UakOH7gkr-A?t=8m31s Just if anyone's interested in some amusement, you can watch the LC III crash in an absolute trainwreck manner here. I'd like to properly reflow the board in an oven to see if that helps but I'm worried about melting the connectors; anyone know how they hold up?
  2. Yeah, I'd definitely like to do that in future. Mail order's expensive in Aus but if I get this board going strong, I'll totes spec it with some sweet longer-life caps. I may do this if further experimentation doesn't net me a solution. I just can't quite bring myself to give up yet. I did check - it doesn't have the 33MHz overclock. My second LCIII that has been overclocked runs fine, amusingly.
  3. Good idea. It's disappointing because the board is /that/ close to working but I just can't get it.
  4. Yeah, tried it with the FPU out. No improvement. I've put the FPU in my other LC III. Fairly confident it hasn't been upped to 33MHz. How would one check that? I'm not familiar with the mod. Yeah, that was my leading theory - I expected it to have some sort of pin-related problem rather then being inherently dead. Unfortunately I'm not particularly skilled in reflowing big QFPs. My attempts thus far haven't really netted me any success.
  5. Which solder joints had bad cracking? Was this on the analog board?
  6. Well, I reflowed the VLSI chip to no avail. Machine still crashes when it gets hot. I'll keep my eye out for one but I have a feeling this LC III is a parts machine only now. Disappointing.
  7. Anyone know much about this? All I can find is that it apparently connected to an external 5.25" drive and could be used to transfer data off of 360K PC disks with special software. I only have the parts internal to the SE, I don't have any external drive or any software, not sure if I can do much with it...
  8. I beat the HDD back into shape, anyway. It's one I've had open before so I wasn't surprised at its unreliability.
  9. I absolutely can't argue with you there. If I can get the machine to working, I'll go back and swap those out. I just wanna see if I can get it going, otherwise I won't bother spending the time and money to get some decent caps in. Being out in Australia you gotta mail order if you want anything decent, component wise.
  10. Such a cool find. I did a tear down on one of those Mac II 5.25" HDDs. Huge, and they get so hot. It wasn't working, so no harm taking it apart. When we opened it and powered it up the head arm freaked out so much it snapped one of the heads off. Hilarious. Unfortunately that was the only bit I didn't get on video.
  11. thekhakinator

    LC III

    pics of my LC III.
  12. Pictures of my LC III recap job. Through judicious use of freeze spray I've pinpointed the problem to the large "VLSI" chip in the centre of the board - labelled 343S1065 - apparently it's the "Senora" chip, responsible for memory, I/O, audio and video. I don't have a replacement so I'm just gonna try reflowing it when I can get my hands on a hot air tool.
  13. I successfully hot swapped my ADB keyboard and mouse between my Macintosh II and LC III today. It was great! Then the Mac IIs hard drive died. So all in all, a total fail of a day but at least ADB hot swapping worked!
  14. Loved the memes. Thanks for the experience share guys, particularly uniserver. If I can get all my Macs operating I should have some fun hotswapping ADB without a care in the world.
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