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  1. Unfortunately, the only way you're going to be able to test for anything is with a multimeter.
  2. removal of the quote button *rollseyes* Perhaps if people could easily edit their posts they could tidy up some of their quotes?
  3. Well I've had very poor results with d-link wireless gear (only wireless though - I've got a 4 port active KVM and that works great!) And when I say 'poor results' I mean that with the kit of equipment we purchased at the time, three of us spent several hours each trying to set up a couple of routers and bridges. After we'd all failed, and none of us are idiots, we figured that someone should call tech support (at the time there was a free number you could call) and I drew the short straw so I had to make the call. Well after more than two hours on the phone (not counting being on hold for 30
  4. Hmm well I've used the WAP54G in a mixed environment with no problems. You could use any brand of access point (more or less), I'm only really familiar with linksys.....I'm not suprised that it did not work with your d-link though - you'd be lucky for a d-link device to connect to another d-link device let alone a linksys! As far as I'm concerned, d-link wireless products are Sh** with a capital 'S' (and I say that from experience rather than any loyalty to linksys) I agree though, DD-WRT is great software!!!!!!
  5. Any old wireless access point, such as a linksys WAP54 (note that's WAP54, not WRT54) attached to your quadra's ethernet port will work. Data goes from your mac, via cable to the WAP, wireless from the WAP to your router...voila, one wireless quadra!
  6. Never happened before, never had any complaints? Yeah it's not often a new (and deleted) user has a friend on the forum to bring it to your attention....if it was me and I got deleted straight away from a forum, I wouldn't stick around to complain about it. So we should delete all new users if they have a link in their sig?
  7. I reckon you guys (moderators) are just a little bit over zealous in cleaning up this forum. When it's getting to the point that a friend has to post question on behalf of another friend coz you have deleted his brand-new-account, then you're too zealous.....
  8. A) the edits were kind of intentional what's "not smart" about using the edit feature? (that's a rhetorical question, I don't really need an answer!) C) once upon a time when you edited your post, a timestamp (Edited by: username at: such and such time) was inserted into the post makining it blatently obvious that the post had been edited . Somewhere along the line that functionality was dropped....
  9. Yep - it's a brainwave alright, hooray to whoever designed that one!
  10. I just want to point out that "yes" I did read the first 106 replies...ok sure a couple I skimmed over but I did read the whole lot. And frankly it's a boring read. edited: "over" works better than "ober"
  11. Oh hey, just read the last couple of posts and noticed that we'd trancended into "editing posts time limits" ......how did a mesaage from our leader broadcasting 'love and peace for all' end up being about 'post time limits'? Probably the same way that the war against Afghani terrorists and Osama Bin Laden ended up in Iraq....but I digress..........I just want to put my hand up yet again and say that THE TIME LIMIT SUCKS. thank you, that was my two cents worth. edited: "trancended" makes much more sense than "tarancended"..maybe there should be an 's' in there somewhere..."tra
  12. 107 replies...oh god is this thread still going?!
  13. Any good old fashioned TV repair person could do it - you don't necessarily need someone who knows computers, you just need someone handy with a soldering iron and a good collection of capacitors laying around. Given that they are going to charge you for labour... make it easy and remove the circuitboard in question from your iMac
  14. ???? I'm not sure I understand....users were banned, and then they used this web based IRC to get around the ban? If this is the case, to re-phrase my original question, what was the big bad thing that they did to get banned? Purely from a curiosity point of view.....
  15. I'm curious...what was this big bad thing that happened on IRC?
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