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  1. 1.2 is way more robust than most people think, and there is almost no bloat! If you can live without aqua and a modern browser it is quite nice.
  2. I have an indigo 366 with 10.4 on it. It's a little sluggish, but I only have 320 mb in it. My understanding is they run quite well with 576 and a quick hard disk. Also you can mod it for 1024x768 without too much hasle.
  3. In the hacks section of applefritter there is a guy who put an iMac into a 21" monitor. I had forgotten all about it untill this thread!
  4. I have been considering Leopard on my 800mhz TiBook and my wife's dual 500 G4. The dual 500 has a PCI 32mb radeon 7000 in it and 1.25 gigs of ram. The TiBook has 768mb of ram, though I allready plan to max it at 1 gig. I also have a faster HD for it. I like the idea of time machine. Has anybody with similar hardware done it? What are your thoughts / imperssions?
  5. Yes you can. The port is the old mac standard, so if you want to use VGA you will need an adapter. From what I understand you can get higher resolution out of an external monitor as well.
  6. Will a beige g3 mobo run without a personality card installed?
  7. Why would it destroy the engine if the belt breaks? You mean because the fan would not be spinning? Exactly. No fan and the engine bakes to death FAST.
  8. That depends on what os you run on that iMac.
  9. You should check your pm hint, hint.
  10. If it has a composite port it is most likely an Apple II series monitor. The dead giveaway is the power "light" on the front. If it runs on an angle, it's Apple II.
  11. OS X, this is your father. I'm gonna come down and run the show for you in July. You seem to have things all backwards right now! Don't you know he left side is the correct side for a scroll bar? And what is with the menu "bar"? Don't you know it is supposed to be a floating pallette? With any luck I'll be there dressed in black, as any proper computer should. When I get there we are going to get rid of all this candy looking crap and replace it with nice solid grey.
  12. That looks great! I did basically the same thing, only I used tibook keycaps. It was a bit harder, because the g4 used slightly different keys and clips. IIRC, the odd sized keys were not usable at all, as they were very different. to use the g4 keys you need to "loosen" the hooks on the aluminum base on the Pismo kb.
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