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  1. OK, so I think I get it now: The RAM disk will be wiped out upon cold boot because of the RAM test, so one cannot have a copy of the System in the RAM disk for practical everyday use. However, if I install the System into RAM disk and then *re-start* (warm boot) then the RAM contents are not cleared and my machine will boot. So I think that's the important distinction. I looked at the FWB Toolkit instructions closely, and indeed they use the word "re-start" to initiate booting from RAM disk. I haven't tried anything yet, but will let you know what I find. But based on others' comme
  2. Elfin: you raise a good point. That would be a real Catch-22 if that's true. However, I'm pretty sure you can boot a Quadra from a RAM disk. The instructions that came with the Jackhammer NuBus card explicitly describe setting up a bootable RAM disk to facilitate setting up a sole HD connected through Jackhammer (i.e. boot the Quadra using the RAM disk and then insert the Jackhammer floppy). ArmorAlley: thanks for sharing the story, I may need to reach out to you for more tips as I set up Jackhammer on my Quadra. Hopefully your IIfx configuration means I can do the same with my 840av.
  3. Thanks Eagle! I will download your floppy and have a go. That's much appreciated! And yes, I have a brand-new PRAM battery I plan to install before proceeding. I have never set up a RAM disk to boot from. Do you guys think I should do a full System 7.5 install or keep it minimal for my purposes? I suppose a full install wouldn't hurt?
  4. Good points, thanks just.in.time. I suppose it is possible tugging on the external SCSI connector may have caused a loose connection or something becoming physically displaced. I'll open the CC up and have a look. In the end it's not a big deal since I intend to replace the internal HD with a CF or SD card solution, but it would be nice to know what happened for my own curiosity.
  5. Thinking about it more, I guess I shouldn't have implied I believe the external HD connection actually *damaged* the internal drive as my subject line suggests, but rather something about having the external drive hooked up and running finally pushed the aging and "on the verge of failing" internal drive to finally die. Sort of like an old bridge over a river that gets used every day, and then one day a heavy truck causes it to collapse - I wouldn't conclude that the truck is the reason the bridge failed but it was the event that did it. Likewise, I don't think the internal HD on my Mac was de
  6. I've got a Quadra 840av with broken SCSI bus - neither internal nor external SCSI devices can mount properly. I want to install a NUBUS Jackhammer SCSI card that I hope to use for connecting drives. If I understand correctly, in order to configure the Quadra so that it can boot from an HD connected through Jackhammer, I first need to configure the Quadra to boot from a RAM disk so that I can have System 7.x up and running, run the Jackhammer config software from floppy (which I have) and then instruct the Quadra to use the Jackhammer hard drive as the Startup Disk. BUT the catch is
  7. I had my Color Classic up and running fine for several weeks now, never a problem booting from the internal HD. Yesterday I hooked up an external known-good HD to the rear SCSI port and was able to boot the Mac and see/access both drives on the System 7.1 desktop. Great! But once I powered down and disconnected the external drive, suddenly the Mac's internal HD will no longer spin up on power-on. I distinctly hear it trying - revving up and then slowing down and I get the question mark floppy icon. So i then reconnected the external drive, and still no luck. I don't think it's a coinc
  8. Thank you for the responses. Looks like I'm on the hunt for a Nubus Jackhammer then! My understanding is the Jackhammer is faster than the SEIV anyhow. Anyone happen to have one for sale?
  9. I believe the built-in SCSI buses (both internal and external) of my Quadra 840av are not working. Someone suggested that I could install a Nubus SCSI card (such as ATTO or FWB Jackhammer) as an alternative. That sure sounds attractive! But will HDs hooked up through one of these cards be seen by the Quadra through the Nubus-SCSI bus without the computer first booting card drivers from another drive first? Is it a Catch-22 or am I (hopefully) wrong?
  10. Thanks for the suggestions, @bobo68: I installed a brand new PRAM battery (verified with meter it is putting out 3.6v). Also zapped PRAM at startup w/ comand-option-P-R several times and performed the mob reset procedure as you mentioned. No change. @Hotdog: Yes, you are right the long black screen lag at boot up is indeed due to the 128 MB RAM installed - when I only have 32 MB in there it comes to life much faster. (I'm glad that is normal). I was able to make a System 7.6 Disk Tools 1 floppy and boot from that. At least that gives me an active desktop. Interestingly, one time it
  11. I should add that when I first got the 840av the board showed signs of leaky caps and the computer wouldn't even chime on startup. So I had it recapped, and now it lives but with the SCSI issues. I also installed brand new 128 MB of RAM thinking (hoping) that bad RAM was responsible. Any suggestions? Or insights into 840av-specific SCSI weirdness I should know about? Thanks!
  12. Hi all, I'm trying to restore a Quadra 840av and am having SCSI issues. My fear is that the SCSI controller on the motherboard is fried and this computer cannot recognize any SCSI devices hooked to it internally or externally. Here's the situation: On power up, it chimes but the screen remains dark for almost 30 seconds (is that length normal?) and then it shows a grey screen with the cursor and the flashing "?" floppy icon. The cursor can be moved around with the mouse on that screen. So I am concluding that the Quadra has passed its initial diagnostics and now cannot find a System. The
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