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  1. I went ahead and put all the confirmed details into this thread on The Lounge: https://68kmla.org/forums/index.php?/topic/55538-maccaps-not-responding-about-ongoing-work/ Mods please let me know if this should be moved elsewhere or if there are any issues with the content in that thread generally.
  2. Given that the issue with Charles has sort of taken over this thread, would it be possible to start a new topic of discussion over in another board so that we can track MacCaps-related developments more easily? Would the Lounge be appropriate for this or somewhere else?
  3. Joining in on the maccaps discussion, I had sent Charles a set of boards for an iMac G3 rev B - the analog, logic, and CRT neck boards - to diagnose a screen issue (possibly the flyback needing a replacement) back in late September 2017. At first I wasn't too concerned because it's taken two or three months before for him to sort things out, and he'd always done quality work up to that point. By mid-January of this year, though, I was starting to get antsy, and that was when he indicated that he was going through some personal issues and that was the cause of the delays. I am not sure if it's
  4. I thought as much, but actually after doing some reading it sounds as though a common symptom of a flyback malfunction is that the machine tries to start up but then shuts down again after ~10 seconds. Is it possible that something else could be the culprit? In any case I'll try to disassemble the unit and take a closer look sometime this week. I'll post more as developments unfold.
  5. I was running my iMac G3 when I noticed that the screen suddenly turned to grey (same as the default desktop color) and then faded to black. I thought maybe it had fallen asleep or something like that, and hit the power button which caused it to shut down. I started it back up again and it got to the desktop normally, but after a few minutes the screen again turned grey and then faded off after about a full second, forcing me to again power it down. Now when I try to turn it back on, the screen remains off. I have monitored the machine during startup and it sounds as though it is spinning
  6. Regarding removing the CRT completely, there is a tear-down guide for the tray-loading iMac G3 which could probably also be applied to slot-loading Macs if that's the one you have: http://cool-mac.com/imacquarium/other/imac_take_apart.pdf The tear-down starts on page 125 but the relevant section would be around page 184, after you have removed the motherboard and the lower cover/chassis.
  7. A quick update, I finally had a chance over the weekend to look further into the neck board situation and was able to cross-reference techknight's answer with this guide which is specific to the tray-loading iMac G3 which I have: http://cool-mac.com/imacquarium/other/imac_take_apart.pdf I pulled up on the neck board very carefully but ended up having to exert a decent amount of force to pry it off of the CRT assembly because it was so firmly fitted. So all's well and I can proceed with the recapping effort!
  8. A quick update, I tried working again with the SE/30 a couple of days ago and saw that it was able to read and write to floppy disks correctly, regardless of whether they were authored by the LC III or external USB or were provided blank. I've checked every day since and the floppy drive appears to be working, so maybe there was some momentary issue with the heads that resolved itself? I'll be keeping an eye on it but at least for the time being it doesn't look as though the issue will happen any more.
  9. Ah that would be bad. So is there a way to remove the neck board properly without risking fracture? At this rate I may have to ship the entire unit rather than the individual boards for recapping, which is a pain...
  10. Okay I will try to check the heads to see if I can resolve it on my end sometime in the next week or so, and post the results here once I am able to give an update.
  11. I haven't opened up the SE/30 yet and so I have yet to clean the heads. I wanted to see about putting the Iomega Zip disk driver onto the machine first so I could back everything up from the HD and proceed from there. However it sounds like I'll have to remove the floppy drive and attend to that first. Would 91% isopropyl alcohol and a Q-tip work fine for this?
  12. Sorry, I want to be absolutely clear on what to do before proceeding. The CRT neck board is encased in a metal cage and is connected to the actual CRT assembly. I've taken some pictures from the limited angles that I can to give a sense of how everything's connected. http://imgur.com/a/HH04C In particular, there's what looks like a glass tube with pins in it which ends in a turquoise ring and connects to a beige-colored component (the one with black and red wires attached to it with grey leads) which itself is attacked to the neck board. So if I pull up on the board, it will detach
  13. I've recently acquired a fully-recapped SE/30, and while putting it through its paces I noticed that when I put in a floppy disk (from a pack of Verbatim DataLife MF 2HD IBM-formatted 1.44MB blank floppy disks) into the drive, it doesn't display a floppy icon and instead gives a dialog that says, "This disk is unreadable by this Macintosh. Do you want to initialize the disk?" When I proceed to initialize it as "Macintosh 1.4 MB", the dialog goes through "Initializing disk/Verifying format/Updating disk" messages, but ultimately ejects the floppy and gives a warning, "Disk initialization failed
  14. So to clarify, in order to free the analog board, I will have to open up the metal 'cage' on top of the CRT and remove the neck board which would also need recapping. I've already disconnected the anode and all the other connectors to the analog board so I believe the neck board is the only remaining consideration. Do you know if there is a guide for doing this for the G3 (specifically tray-loading rev B, if that matters) or if there are any particular caveats to removing the neck board? Per the images in the album, I have the unit with the CRT facing down which I think is the correct posi
  15. I am in the process of tearing down my iMac G3 with the purpose of shipping out the motherboard, analog board, and PSU for recapping. I was able to get the motherboard and PSU out after a good deal of effort, and was just starting the final push to remove the analog board. I was able to remove all of the connectors except for the red pair of wires connecting the screen and focus control to the CRT board (shown between my thumb and forefinger in the below imgur album): http://imgur.com/a/bBdN6 I can't seem to find any way that these wires can be disconnected from the screen/focus control
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