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  1. Hi folks, I got my SE/30 online with the help of many of you here (thanks!) awhile back. Anyway, the thing is still rocking out, looking great. I use the computer as much as I use my modern machines. If it had a soul I am sure that it would appreciate still being useful 28 years after it was first built. Anyways, one thing I cannot do, is get email to work. As many of you may know, there is a snafu with encryption and SSL with really any system software predating OS X now. I was just wondering if there has been any workarounds for this problem introduced in the community that I ha
  2. I got the 4mb RAM card from gglabs and I can testify that it is awesome. Well worth the money.
  3. It should. I just realised I was replying to someone in 2014. Thought this was a new thread. Regardless, IIRC the link I gave you gives you an installer for like 7-8 different Daynaport devices, and you choose between them. Without loading it up I am pretty sure that the installer is there for their SCSI devices. Best of luck friend
  4. Let me know if that link doesn't work for you. I have a copy of this driver also, its one of the harder ones to find. It took me a good 3-4 days to find it online. And I found it on a mirror of a mirror. I have the same card in my SE/30 so this is the driver you need: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=95896423622936482552 This card works best in 7.5.5. What I did: 1. Installed 7.1 -> 7.5.3 -> 7.5.5 (I use a Doug3 rom so I had to patch 7.5.3 and 7.5.5 to work on my mac which has full 32-bit addressing.) 2. Installed the driver above 3. Installed Open Tra
  5. An excellent effort was made with Classilla to make a browser that is capable on today's web on the machines running OS9. However, Cameron's other project, TenFourFox, which there is a much bigger demand for, has taken precendence. Even Classilla though, because of all of the coding that would be necessary to keep the browser completely modern, is now designed to browse in a "mobile application" mode. I don't know man. I do what I can with my vintage, legacy equipment. But in terms of using the more heavy internet uses in computing, I always go back to my R61 running a Linux distribut
  6. Yeah he has helped me in the past. I have a room in my house that just kind of takes me back to my golden years. Old radios, a nice stereo system with a vinyl player and tape deck, an SE/30. You can see why a flat-panel monitor would wreck the aesthetic I am aiming for in there. I am in the process of bringing my IIgs back to life. Obviously this was a huge setback. Uniserver actually helped me out in a huge way in getting me a working SE/30 racapped and all of that jazz. So I am going to work with him on this. I just wasn't sure if he worked on monitors as well, turns out he does. W
  7. Thank you. Getting this done myself (recapping the monitor) is clearly not in my skill set. If I tinker with this thing I will probably either electrocute myself or damage it even further. I'd rather sell it to someone who does know what they're doing. Has anyone here ever had someone repair the RGB for them? How much did the services cost? Obviously you would need to add $100 to that, for shipping both ways. I can't really see myself using an LCD on the thing. At that point, why not just use a emulator? I guess I am after authenticity.
  8. Hello, Somehow today I killed something in my IIgs. I am not sure if it is a display issue or a logic board issue, honestly. I do not have a screensaver saved in my 6.0.2 system, so I turned off my monitor, while I went over to my laptop to do some other work. Well, when I turned on my IIgs display, the video I got was all garbled. So I went to change the tunings in the back, and I was able to get a picture. However, now I can't get a picture to stay on the monitor for more than about 5 minutes at a time, before it starts to flicker, and jump. Also, whenever I turn on the monitor, an
  9. Okay the D-link from the early 90s was a hit. The internet is working flawlessly. So if anyone else has this card, or ends up getting one: Daynaport E/si30 SONIC-T PDS - You need to install 7.5.5 -> install the driver (because it doesnt work automatically with 7.5.5) -> install Open Transport 1.3 -> then use a 10-Base-T only switch or hub-> then wire that into the PDS to get online. Use either manual or DHCP server in TCP/IP control panel prefs. It doesn't work any other way, I've tried and tried. I hope this helps someone else.
  10. I ended up getting a 10-Base-T ONLY hub, an old D-Link, for $4. We'll see if I have better luck with this. If this doesnt work, because I know I am setting up everything right with Open transport (or at least i think I know enough about networking to think I do), I'll begin to suspect that the problem was with the card itself. It may be fried from an earlier incident. I will get this thing online and read bbs and gophernet on it. And get on IRC. And FTP. I have no idea why I want to, but I do. I transfer loads of games and stuff over on the floppy emu board...
  11. Well I have a Daynaport E/si30 SONIC-T PDS. When I connect it to my verizon router, in the router preferences it shows a hardware link. However the mac will not grab DHCP and entering in the informational manually into OT 1.3 doesn't work either. The activity light on the NIC just blinks. There is a light on the router showing a connection. However, the link shown in router prefs is "inactive". We'll see what happens with the switch. It hasnt arrived yet. Maybe it is a "handshake" problem.
  12. I ended up buying this switch on the cheap ($5): I have the verizon fios internet router at my house. I have to, since I also get the TV service. So they get me on rent for that... However, from the looks of things, all I need to do is plug this guy into the router, and then set a static IP, right?
  13. Hello, I have a SE/30 that is running System 6.0.8, 7.1, and 7.5.5 on separate partitions. I have a good ethernet NIC card and 7.5.5, OTT 1.3, appropriate driver etc. But there is no connectivity because it refuses to talk with my modern router (typical I know). Anyways I want to get a good 10-Base-T ethernet hub that works good and has good connectivity to my vintage mac (and vintage OS). Anyone have any suggestions for what worked for them? ALSO, I want to get a modem. A bit of overkill I know, but I want the full vintage effect of dialing into a ISP. Besides, very honest
  14. I'll look into this. Im also looking forward to hearing from schmoburger on his find. I have had to replace my speakers 3 times already. Finally I got tired of opening the case to replace speakers with old stock which are just going to deteriorate and blow out like the last ones did. So last time I opened the case and simply put nothing in the speakers place. You hardly notice that they're not there. But I still would like to get a nice set of internals in there. I have some nice set of USB external Harmon Kardon speakers now. I can crank the volume all the way up without issue. But f
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