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  1. I will have a look at CCC. I have an external 250GB hard drive I can clone it to. So it looks like the way forward Cheers
  2. Is there a way i can backup my Indigo G3 iMac as I am going to have to place it in storage with a friend and the machine was supplied without restore disks. The machine only has 10.3 so i cant use Time Machine Is there a Mac eqivalent to Norton Ghost where i can clone the machine onto DVDs. Any help appreciated
  3. Although I may have stated this problem in some other thread it's about time I asked for advice on what to do with said machines. I have two G3 machines sitting idle at home. I have a beige G3 233mhz with 192mb ram but I need to restore the hard drive as I screwed it using XPostFacto as i tried to install OS X 10.3. The second machines an indigo iMac 400 MHz with 128mb of memory and OS X Tiger installed Although I have used Macs for years it was mainly for word processing so actual Classic programs I have very little knowledge of. OS X has always been a nightmare to find programs
  4. zerohour

    Gee Three

    Maybe it's just me but I have yet to find a great use for my G3s of which I have two. Both the Indigo iMac and the beige 233 I have gather dust I have not found a task they excel at. Maybe I am just fussy or am missing something. Probably would be more practical with more memory as they both have 192 mb in them. Have fun with your conquest hopefully you can find more of a use then I did Ironically I still use my PowerBook 1400 as a word processor and it's only got 16mb ram just wish I could find a battery that works and doesn't cost a fortune. I am useless at soldering so a recell
  5. I guess I could. I admit I have not programmed anything in over 20 years but I could use my G3 iMac with OS 9.2.2 to have a go will take this two weeks to investigate. The great Frankenstein lead may have to return out of hiding
  6. I would love to enter but there is a few flaws 1. The oldest machine other than a ZX Spectrum +2 is a Newton 2100 2. I have no engineering or programming skills. 3. If I used the Newton I would have no idea what to do with it Unless I could figure something todo with the pb1400 under my desk but it's only got 16mb Hmmm ... Life sucks at times.
  7. Newton Serial Adaptor board http://newtonsales.com/pcb.htm
  8. Screen cost me £7.27 from eBay How nice to have an old friend back ... Ok Front bezel claims to be a 1400C/133 when it's in fact a 1400/166 was a cs but the Active Matrix screen is much brighter I am a happy bunny ... Ok it's only got 16Mb but that's more than enough for Wordperfect 3.5e. If only I could get a working battery cheap but I won't hold my breath
  9. Just connected my Newton 2100 to my G3 iMac via the most bizarre route but it does work ... Route is : - USB to serial adaptor 9 pin serial to apple din serial adapter apple serial lead (3 foot long) apple serial to Newton interconnect adapter can't backup Newton but can install packages using Newten Crazy things we do Ncx does not want to work for me
  10. You obviously don't know what you are talking about. i do know what i am talking about ... two reasons 1 the iMac does not have an adb/serial connection so problem 2 I had an adapter which converted to usb the newton communication seems to fail with all settings. Before you start accusing make sure you are talking to someone with little or no knowledge.
  11. Welcome to the world of Newton ... I have a 2100 sitting on my desk at home it gets the occasional use (criminal I know) I would probably use it more if my Powerbook 1400 was not broken as I can't connect to it using the iMac it's too fast. I would like to download the unna archive but their torrent seems to be very slow if anyone has this on disk I would love to get a copy.
  12. I have just bought an indigo G3 400mhz (slot loader cd model) off eBay for £10 Sure I admit it's not as if they are not readily available but it's my first owning of an iMac Off to play
  13. Just opened my Powerbook 1400 cs/166 which admittedly has been sitting idle for a while to find my LCD totally splintered not a happy bunny ... I have found various sites selling replacements but what I want to know is ... Is it worth paying that little extra to get an active matrix screen (featured in the c model) as an alternative to the passive matrix of the cs. The price is about twice the amount of the passive matrix but is it worth the extra cost
  14. Had a horrible time trying to find out what was wrong with it only to discover after a lot of messing about it was my us/uk adapter had died for the charger so the battery was just flat. All fine now .... Who knows I can get back to my novel writing now lol
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