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  1. To the best of my fading memory, System 7.1 Update 3 is not synonymous with a System 7.1.3, wot of there never was one. However, there was/is a Finder 7.1.3. Some reference to the matter can be found at http://68kmla.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=8770&p=89204. I have used such a retrofitted System 7.1 in a RAM-throttled Colour Classic (recte a Performa 250), as well as in a IIci (with umphed-up RAM), but the IIci Macs have now all passed-on to OS 7.6.1 in keeping with their DayStar 030 and 040 cards.
  2. equill


    What Richard needs to absorb while he is yet new to privation (groan ...) in this Army, and well before he can be eligible for PFC status, is the difference in use and outcome between winklage and wigglage as investigative or restorative methods. Winkling cables away from snags and out of tight places is wise. Wiggling pins and connectors is, conversely, as both tomlee59 and Osgeld have more than hinted, a case of if it isn't broken before you start, it has a good chance of being so when you finish. de
  3. The last retail OS 9.2.1 CD that I have is ©2001, and we were invited to download the update to 9.2.2 when that became available. I'm not aware of any retail CD of 9.2.2 at the turn-of-Century, although I have not looked assiduously since then. OS 9 was included in ex-factory installations and system-specific CDs and DVDs for years after 2001, at least until Jan 2004. The retail OS 9.2.1 contains Mac OS ROM v8.4 at best. The update to 9.2.2 had advanced to Mac OS ROM v8.7. eMac system-specific CDs provided v9.2.2 of Mac OS ROM. The MDDs that could boot into OS 9 had Mac OS ROM 10.2.1 (wi
  4. Perhaps as a result of my ineptitude with the search engine, I have seen/found no current/prior reference in these forums to this sale on eBay: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=330360490902#ht_720wt_1055 EveryMac makes reference to the marque, of course: http://www.everymac.com/systems/powertools/infinity/infinity3240.html I was curious as to why the eBay offering might have needed to be held—almost as if just the isolated rear and front panels were available for display—while it was having its picture taken, and bemused (as well as amused) at the left-rig
  5. That seller's pricing policy has attracted comment before. In the new-look comments-allowable regimen the comment cannot be repeated. The pic doesn't allow much confidence that anything has changed in the seller's emporium, however. de
  6. As both trag and Charlieman have written, reset the MLB. Not a desultory random poke at the CUDA. The CUDA is the last thing to touch before putting the metal cover back on, with good battery (3.3V or more in circuit rather than in the hand). Its job is to provide a clean-slate inventory of the hardware to the system. Pulling the Mac completely apart will have gone most of the way towards reseting the MLB, but there is more to attend than that, in that your daughter card must be properly bottomed (which may take considerable force beyond the first stage) in its slot, as must a video card in
  7. What I take to be the on-board cache of 128kB of SRAM (which Chipmunk doesn't go into in any detail) is all surface-mount chips: 16244CTPV by Integrated Device Technology. What is on the TAG and cache card(s?) is all DIP (through-hole) chips without legible markings. Given the discussion in the referenced thread, these latter, especially as made-up 68-pin cards, may be every bit as scarce as they seem to be, yet it is difficult to believe that the cards were made only to populate Apple's output of WGS cards. Perhaps Unknown_K, who may have gone more deeply into the matter, can finger bot
  8. Kindly rub your throat along the edge of my outstretched index finger. The only reason that you got it at all, let alone so cheaply, was that the seller did not deign to respond to my request for a pic. of the WGS card. I was, of course, interested in its cache and TAG cards. Grrrr! Do enjoy your acquisition, but don't pass any dark alleys at night while you are alone ... viewtopic.php?f=20&t=8044 de
  9. As LCGuy relates, in addition to insertion of the replacememt ROM chips: HI (342-0639) at C13 MED HI (342-0640) at C12 MED LO (342-0641) at E13 LO (342-0642) at E12 the IWM chip must be replaced with a SWIM, but you also need System 6.0.2 or higher lest the Macintosh II still mistake the high-density drive as an 800kB mechanism. de
  10. Some of the posts above indicate sources of Mac OS ROM 10.2.1 that I was unaware of, and wouldn't have been accessible when I was trying to get a useful installation of OS 9.2.2 going on an MDD. My subsequent experience is that: Large drive support under OS 9 can be checked by looking in System Folder for the version numbers of Mac OS ROM (10.2.1) and the three Classic support modules Classic (9.5.0), Classic Support (2.2.1) and Classic Support UI (2.2.1). Without that ROM-in-RAM version the System knows nowt about 48-bit LBA and drives of more than 128GB (real), regardless of a PCI card.
  11. I have a soft spot for towers, but the 6500's case has never enthralled me. Since the DE is peculiar to Australia, it is the pick of the two, I suggest. My DE comports itself very well with a G3/400MHz L2 card and max. RAM. TV viewing is adequate, but more 'how clever that Mac is' than enjoyable. It's a middling-accomplished Mac, but it is a DE. de
  12. Bomarc Services, of PO Box 1113, Caspar, WY 82602 produce(d) some, and may be able to help you with MLB and PAB schematics, at a price. There are no internals shown for the SIMMs, but memory control is addressed (pun intended). de
  13. As compared with the impulse to suicide when the other half of a desirable property turns up shortly after one has forgone the earlier half because it was only half …? de
  14. Before you worry overmuch about the third NuBus slot, why not fill the RAM slots with 16MB 80ns cards, and the cache slot with a DayStar 50MHz PowerCache card at minimum, or an 040 card by DayStar, MicroMac or Mobius, or a DayStar 601/100MHz? Drool. Price and cool usually go hand-in-hand. de
  15. I am using a 17-in Apple Studio LCD with an Apple DVI to ADC adapter from an ATi Radeon PCI 7000/32MB (VGA, DVI-I, S-Video) card in a Beige G3 (Rev. C) MT with a Sonnet G4/800MHz/768MB upgrade and a 2-port (NEC chip) USB 1.1 card. Works well. The slowest redraw occurs as raster appears during booting, but is never thereafter a difficulty. The System is OS 9.2.2 with Mac OS ROM v10.2.1, purloined from the MDD G4 installation CD, and with the mods to the ATi extensions mentioned at: viewtopic.php?t=822&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=25 de
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