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  1. Did you mean the EXPORT function? 'cuz that saved the file as an .RTF.
  2. Check out Newton Sales which is run by a Canuck known as Knowledge Navigator aka Ferdi. He has several bundles of Newtons ranging in price from entry to collector's. I have dealt with him and consider him to be someone I would happily deal with again. You may also want to check out NewtonTalk.net and get on the list. On the list KN is a controversial figure, he is a for profit business and the two most legitimate complaints against him is that 1. he is a little higher on prices and 2. his dongle destroyer too closely resembles the copyrighted design of PCBman's SER001 card (an ea
  3. To a collector, an eMate with accessories can fetch at least $50. The biggest foible with these is the springs on the hinge slipping and piercing the video cable. Not too common, but can happen and is entirely fixable. I had a lot of about 25 a few years back and sold them off ranging from cost of shipping to $50 - then I learned more about them and developed my own way of rebuilding the hinges from scratch (vice repairing the old ones) but i digress... As for the inherent worth of an eMate, think of it as a laptop computer cut to the bare basics with no frills. I have two, one I use
  4. I have both the "Newton 2000/2100 Deluxe Newton Leather Case Case" and the "Newton 2000/2100 Deluxe Leather Case (802.11b)" that I picked up from Newton Sales. I had a good experience with him. BTW, the first case mentioned is sold out, but I use mine all the time. I do not use the other much right now because I do not need it (yet). As for the CD Binder idea, it can and will work. I planned mine (but have not started the project due to time) as follows: yes, rip out the CD holders got to the hardware store and pick up a can of expanding foam and a jar of the plastic coating y
  5. but they are ideal for those restoring a Mac to original state (purists) and for those sticking multiple drives in a Mac and want to keep the OS drive seperate from the "data" drives. I have started using my larger drives for a/v content and the smaller ones for word proc files (grant it the same drive as the OS), but it keeps the 'media' separate and transferable to another machine very easily.
  6. I have both (actually, it is a 100). I love them both. I use the 2100 for the space, speed and heavier apps. It tends to be my daily use machine. I use my 100 (close enough to the OMP) for special occassions, having copied over certain dates and contacts for special use. When I was working as an independent consultant, I kept dates for that, and related contacts on the 100 to seperate work and play. It worked out great, allowing me to grab the right tool for the day when I went off.
  7. Thanks to the admins for bringing us back too bad the history is gone and I had to re-register
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