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  1. Thanks Fizzbinn for the peace of mind. I will try this overclock on the better condition board and see how it works out. Also thanks for the link, looks like some good benchmarking in there. Always love reviewing stats on different machines.
  2. Was about to swap out the 40MHz crystal for a 50MHz to overclock the 030 CPU to 25MHz and wondered how much memory speed timings played a role in the overall stability of this particular overclock mod. I have two IIsi boards and one actually has -70NS onboard RAM instead of the standard -80NS RAM, however the logic board that has the -70 ram is in worse shape than the other. I knew in PC days when you overclocked the CPU it also bumped the ram frequency up as well. On the subject, I have a nubus copro adapter as well that has a 20MHz copro on it. I assume one doesn't normally ch
  3. Thanks for the input. So it sounds like it is split between 8.6 and 9.2. I may go the 8.6 route as I have a G4 iLamp that allows booting into OS 9 still and I would like to be able to cover all the different versions of OS in the collection, I just haven't had anything yet that had 8 on it so I have never used it. I think the next system older than the Bondi Blue I have is a Centris 610 which may be too sluggish for OS 8.
  4. Just a quick question. I have several macs in my collection and I have a pretty good grasp for system 6 and 7 differences, but I don't have a single mac in the collection that is running OS 8. I have a Bondi Blue G3 which may be a good candidate that currently has OS9 installed, and wondered if OS8 would be a better match or what the differences in compatibility would be between the two OS's . That being said OS9 runs smooth without issues currently on the G3, just didn't know if there were certain things that needed OS8 or if it was more like anything OS8 can do, 9 can do bette
  5. Thanks for the reply guys. I don't think the resistor looks damaged other than the outer coating that is missing. Never seen a resistor quite like that, but if it will happily work, then it won't bother me to leave it as is. I haven't attempted to even plug this PS in yet and I don't know a thing about its history other than it has sat in the sweltering hot Texas heat in a garage for the last 25 years, so it may not work regardless.
  6. Got a IIsi last week and trying to recap the PS and logic. Of course there was goo galore in the PS. One of the resistors between L212 and C212 is completely stripped of its color code. Will this negatively effect the unit, and if so does anyone know the proper value?
  7. Looks like maybe there was an issue before mode32 7.5. Searching, I found several instances where new features of mode32 was that it was compatible with thread manager. I didn't actually try mode32 on my se/30, but maybe the readme file i was looking at from the thread manager install was before mode32 v7.5 was a reality.
  8. Hey that worked great. Thanks so much mdeverhart for the info. I feel silly now that it was indeed that simple. I have a way of over complicating stuff sometimes.
  9. I have 7.1.1 running on an SE/30 with 16MB of RAM. I was going to use the MODE32 which I have used without issue before, but I need the thread manager and the readme states that it is incompatible with all versions of MODE32, so that leaves me with the apple 32 bit enabler. I have downloaded this from 2 different sites, and extracted it without issue, but I end up with a single file that is neither an extension or a control panel applet. I am uncertain how to actually install this program. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks again..
  10. Well i am officially giving up for now on this board. Was trying to have a nice clean board as my one other se30 has like 9 wires all over the motherboard for trace repairs. Don't know what i did, this is my first time to experience making it worse after a recap in probably 50 recap projects. I pulled all caps off, put on electrolytic radials, no change. Ended up lifting two pads after trying to be so careful as well. I would be more motivated to fix it if i didn't already have the one repaired se/30 logic board.
  11. Thanks Bolle for the suggestions. Sorry i haven't got to take a second to do more than take a few pics of the board. I will pull the 3 by the power connector and reattach and also inspect for solder overflow. Looks like i may have gotten a little overzealous in the solder on some of these.. also previously tried a known good rom simm and reseated it several times ensuring the contacts were clean.
  12. Well i Schruted it. I surprising had a buggy but working se/30, recapped the logic board since it was still original caps and now i get no chime and a solid screen of corruption. I got all the old caps off with no issues with pads, and suprising the leaks looked nonexistent to minimal, but it is the first time for me to use polymer tants instead of electrolytics. All caps seem soldered down good and polarity is correct. Does this look like a ud8/ue8 issue or should i focus elsewhere.
  13. After some seaching I think it is a warning that the capacitor can crack or release steam and break while heated during soldering. Hopefully once soldered and during normal operation the moisture won't be an issue.
  14. Was about to replace all the caps on a logicboard for an se30 and followed a link for the caps i needed, but i have never seen warnings like this before on tantalum capacitors. Should i use these or does everyone think i should use solid ones instead of polymer? I figure as much washing of mainboards that we do here at 68kmla i figure i better ask. Thanks..
  15. I know my SE/30 had about 4 bad traces from capacitor goo that went to the printer ports. I was looking for some kind of loopback tester hardware for the printer/modem port but didn't come up with anything. Since then I connected up another mac and tried the file sharing between two macs and it just worked without doing anything special.
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