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  1. The capacitors that were in the iMac G5 systems (and many other PCs as well) used a formula that was faulty, and in turn caused the capacitors to be defective. More about that problem here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capacitor_plague The replacement capacitors you buy should be fine at this point in time. The issue was widely publicized and I do believe that most made sure to eliminate capacitors using that faulty formula.
  2. Well, no one expects things to fail to that degree when purchasing new, and I made sure to hold off until the Rev. B, but unfortunately all of the iMac G5 models were affected by the capacitor issue. Originally, Apple was only covering a certain number of serial numbers which amounted to the Rev. A models, but they changed that to cover all of them since many people with Rev. B ALS models and Rev C. iSight models were having the problems. It's a shame because I love my iMac G5, but that is a major black eye to the model.
  3. This just made my afternoon. Congratulations on the awesome score!
  4. I can confirm this first hand since I have an iMac G5 ALS from 2005 that I purchased new. The first time it happened, Apple had a repair extension program in place to replace the logic board and PSU even if the iMac was out of warranty. That program expired a couple of years ago, though, so those with problems will either have to pay Apple or a Mac service center to fix it, or they will have to replace the caps on their own. Mine did it again around the end of 2010 so now I have to find some time to embark on this project. Not all the iMacs exhibit them despite them all using the same caps
  5. Very nice! I got one from my Media Specialist here at the school I work for. Her daughter held on to it for the longest time and I always wanted it, but she wouldn't budge. Eventually her daughter left and it's been sitting in her house this whole time, so she offered it to me a few months ago for free. ROM 01, 2 3.5 drives and 2 5.25 drives, monitor, Kensington SystemSaver IIgs, and a Kraft joystick along with a ton of diskettes. Runs really nice. Have yet to do anything with it lately as I've been rather busy, but hopefully this time off next week will change that.
  6. 'Twas very nice. I did notice what looked like a bit of yellowing on the front of the case compared to the rest of it. Is that the case or is that how it normally looked? I would have assumed that even a slight difference in color would not have been tolerated by Steve even back then.
  7. Indeed! Count me in on that response.
  8. I loved Master Tracks Pro for MIDI sequencing. I'm sure there's a version of Band In A Box that will run on that as well. That app has been around since the 80s.
  9. I was just about to post about this on the forum, but glad to see that it's had an early following already. Can't currently try on my iMac G5 because the caps went out on it again. Gonna have to replace those, probably over the Christmas break. Very eager to give it a try, though. My dad has a dual-proc Quicksilver that I'll probably test it on.
  10. Very nice. I still have mine that was given to me almost 10 years ago from an old coworker. It's a great little workhorse.
  11. I've come across those myself. Really bad and nothing you can do to get rid of the odor. I read (I think it was on a LEM article) that it is the adhesive that gives off this smell. And your description is exactly how it smells.
  12. I did see something about getting PowerPC support for Haiku sometime in the future. Here's hoping they do. I have a StarMax 4000 that is itching to run it.
  13. The trick is to load the module for hfs or hfsplus in the following manner. You have to Alt-Fn (where n is a number) once in the installation is finished and it prompts you to restart (which you don't want to do yet): modprobe hfs (for HFS support) modprobe hfsplus (for HFS+ support) Once you do that, you can mount the Mac OS partition and move the kernel and ramdisk over. Finally, you can Alt-Fn back to the installation console window and allow the restart to take place.
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