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  1. So I'd really like to make this project, but I don't have the ICs they use. Would it be OK if I just direct wired it? Also, wiring stuff/pinouts is not my strong suit. I might have more questions about wiring later. Thanks in advance!
  2. I never had any luck with RPi <-> Serial networking—if you pull it off please explain how.
  3. I found the problem, it was a faulty power supply. My home built pc makes the drive run, and my SE is happily booting. Thanks!
  4. I had a IIci, recapping gave it sound
  5. I have a 160MB 1993 Apple SCSI hard drive, and it used to work connected to the backplate of a drive enclosure. I removed the SCSI connectors from said back plate, and now the hard drive, connected to those connectors, will NOT spin up when I apply Molex power. Does anybody know how to fix it? P.S. I checked the Molex voltage and it was 5V,
  6. I did it for two weeks, stopping because I wanted to try the El Capitan beta. I used a PPC G4 @ 1.5 GHz and 10.5.
  7. Try fiddling with the display controls (contrast, brigtness)
  8. I had good luck with https://www.computermemoryoutlet.com. Unity recommends OWC I think. Also how much did you pay for your SE/30?
  9. This is getting super off topic. I wish the thread was closed.
  10. 64MB is plenty under 7.6.1. RAM tests take the extra time
  11. 7.5.5 is NOT less buggy on 68k. That's on PPC. It is rare, unless you're on 68kMLA.
  12. If your machine is 68k, use 7.5.4. (Max1zzz's server) If its PPC, use 7.5.5 or 8.1
  13. You may be able to find an SE/30 motherboard/logic board which I believe you can swap out. You can sell the SE logic board as well. Your ethernet card wouldn't work, but you can sell it and buy an Asanté EN/SC, which doesn't need a transciever. You can get an EN/SC for around US$60. (I have seen them listed at up to US$80, but I got mine in an auction for US$50.50. I didn't win the auction but the seller had multiple units and sold one to me and one to the auction winner for something like US$57-ish.)
  14. Rescue then sell all but the best revision.
  15. If it is the exact same chip and you don't bend anything and the chip works, then yes.
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