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  1. The Thinkpad is a great little machine and worth using. Love the cool foldout keyboard on the thinkpad. There are actually a few G3's that I know of already available to use in the current Retrochallenge, and I might use some of these as "high end support/server machines" 1) The G3 Wallstreet. 2) The All-in-One 3) 8500... mine started with a 200 mhz 604, but has a 400 mhz G3 now.
  2. Endurance fools? LOL!!! What are you doing again?
  3. Retro in 2005 was anything that was before like March 1993. EVERYTHING had to be from before that time. The operating system, the computer itself. So if you used a Mac you could use a Duo 210 barely and run 7.5.2 I believe was the maximum you could use. Newtons were just a little too young for this since Newtons came out later in 1993. It was that retrochallenge I learned I didn't need a portable computer as much since my Duo and Newtons were out. Actually this retrochallenge I plan to revisit both. But yeh, 10 years is not enough, but at the same time, 10 years is a eternity to p
  4. Nothing too difficult really... a basic summary page of these people did that, and possible links to programs or what they made (or pictures) from links of the basic summary. Does all this go back to 2005 or was there anything before that?
  5. Welp shut off the G4 Mac's last night at midnight and now the fun begins. I'm thinking of getting my Duo 2300 working again. Well, correction, got it working, now to get my dock back out, get the internet/appletalk working again, and all that fun. Have we all basically established that the Macintosh G3 Wallstreet (released May 1998) barely eeks into the ten year old bracket? Not that I plan to use the Wallstreet too much, but would be a good legal fall back machine if I need to pull resources for my other retro machines.
  6. Original Gameboy from like 1990? I'd say definately. Actually the Retrochallenge is great time to fix stuff.
  7. I like how simple they keep it.
  8. Seriously entering anything would place you in the Hall of Fame. Call this a log of where we've come from, what we tried, and who was there. That is just as good.
  9. Prison Board is still going strong with dialup and telnet access. Ruben is a great and flexible sysop. He added more lines to accomodate the additional users. You can find a variety of BBS games there, and a up to date BBS list for Atari and Commodore BBS's, and if other retro platforms would like to be added there, Ruben would be more than willing to add them. He allowed as little as 1200 baud for those wanting to get on with older computers. So check out the Prison Board BBS! Telnet://rdfig.net 972-329-0781
  10. Need to look up the rules on the endurance challenge. I'm really torn on which computer to use this year... Atari 800, a Commodore CX-64, or a Newton 2000. Wanna use the Newton 2000, but there are no other Atari users on the challenge. :{ Need to recruit more.
  11. VT-100 should basically get you around in the ANSI world, just minus the graphics. Been a while since I tried looking for a good term program for the model 100. I think the last time I did I used the basic one built into the Model 100, got on a BBS, telneted to a Lynx website and then got on a chat room on a website. It was very very crude. (This coming from my experience on the Atari 800 that at least has a ANSI graphics term program or two and 80 columns versus the Model 100 which was a 10 by 40 screen and ASCII text... yuck!) Hmmm... here is one list of term programs and BBS pr
  12. Ok, aside from my victory in 2005 with the Atari 800 (endurance), it would be nice to see what other people did that won. A good resource to give people ideas. Who won in 2006 and 2007? How did they win? These are questions I'd like to know.
  13. I noticed Arfink and Gobabushka are looking to use a Tandy 102 in the challenge, that is cool. Do either of you have the expansion based that allows the Tandy 100 to display on a 80 column monitor and use 5 1/2 inch disks? That was a fun add on to the Tandy 100. As for getting on the internet, I saw using a UDS-10 (Lantronx). Should be possible since this works with my Atari 800 quite nicely. Let me know if you have any questions on the Tandy 100 and various stuff... Prior to the Newton my portable in high school (in the 80's) was a Tandy 100. Later!
  14. LOL!! But it needs to be a Mac Duo connected to a mid-nineties quicktime camera.
  15. Hey, is there a retrochallenge hall of fame page? We have had some great efforts and fun since what? 2005? So would be good, even goal worthy, to have a Hall of Fame to strive for. (and most notable accomplishments of the Retrochallenge) Also, how do you win the RetroChallenge in the current contests? (Or is the warm up just that... a warm up?)
  16. I don't know if I'll change my challenge, but I might add to it. Looks like I might ALSO try to get an Atari TT030 running the Spectre GCR (Macintosh Emu up to 6.08). Trying to convince another Atari friend to enter the challenge to do the same.
  17. If you like home built computer platforms, check out this one from a guy I met in the Newton forems years ago... http://roger.trideja.com/8051/8051.html
  18. Will get on the BBS tonight with some retro machine.
  19. I keep components of my original 128K working. What a fun machine. You know that was the first computer I ever took camping.
  20. DoctorClu


    Anyone tried it with the 220 mhz processor accelerator?
  21. What video was that link supposed to bring up? I have about 140 youtube videos BTW. And thanks for the warm welcome! How have you been?
  22. Hey all! I forgot (or didn't know I had to) register, but got that done last night and just got on here right now. Look forward to hanging out. My goals.. to get an Amiga 2000 working the way I want to reliably, and fix up a few things on the Atari 800 I have. Yes, Jay Miner did some good work.
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